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Solution: Using the IGEL Universal Management Suite on Linux Servers with upstart (for example Ubuntu 14.04)

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Hello Folks,

if you are using a new Linux distribution like Ubuntu 14.04 you maybe run into the issue that the Universal Management Suite background service will not start after a reboot.

Reason for this is a new system to start these services coming with newer Distributions and currently (> UMS Version 4.07.110) the IGEL UMS installer for Linux seams to be not able to handle upstart.

The fix for this issue is quite simple… Open a terminal session (command line) and enter the following commands.

cd /etc/init
sudo nano igelRMserver.conf

Now enter the following code lines, in this sample i use the editor nano but you can also use any other editor like vi.

#Start igelRMserver daemon
start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [016]
exec /etc/init.d/igelRMserver start


Important: The code is case sensitive! Save the igelRMserver.conf and reboot the system, the Service should work now and the UMS is available.



P.S.: Maybe IGEL will add this to the installer in the future.. ūüėČ

Tip: Fix missing “I want to download Adobe Flashplayer..” setting for LX/OS Profiles in UMS 4.06.100

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Hello Folks,

maybe you also discovered the issue in the IGEL Universal Management Suite Version 4.06.100 if you create a new Profile for a LX/OS based Firmware and you want to deploy the Adobe Flashplayer.

Local at the Client you have a Setting “I want to download Adobe flashplayers and care about the licensing by myself” setting in the Session->Browser->Browser Plugins->Adobe Flash Player configuration but this setting is not available in the UMS if you create or edit a Profile. So you can not create a working configuration thru the regular UMS Profile GUI (see picture below).


You can fix this quite simple, just configure all required settings to deploy the Adobe Flashplayer in the regular GUI and now browse to System->Registry->browser_plugin->flashplayer and enable the download_flashplayer setting (see picture below).


Now you can save the profile and assign it to the IGEL devices, the Flash Player deployment should work now.





Info: Is the IGEL UMS affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160) issue?

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Hello Folks,

i just made some tests but it doesn’t look like the IGEL Universal Management Suite is affected by the Heartbleed issue.

You can test against our public UMS Server if you like but here is the result:

UMS Console Port Default 8443 on our Server 443

UMS Console Port Default 8443 on our Server 443


I’ve tested the console port 8443 and the client connection port 30001, in both cases the results are ok and did not show up any Heartbleed related issue.




P.S.: Please note that I run only a test for the last Version 4.06.100 of the IGEL Universal Management Suite and that my test is not an official statement from IGEL Technology! UMS4 LIVE Alpha Test

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Hello Folks,

for a limited time you can use a free service provided by called UMS4 Live.

What is it? A public available online UMS4, you can use it for tests (GUI handling) or if you’re looking for a configuration or configuration settings. The Alpha Version require to have an installed IGEL UMS4 Console (Version 4.06.100) available, you can use this console to connect to the UMS Live server.


UMS4 LIVE Alpha Test

Please Note:

1) We do not guarantee any availability, performance or anything else, you should not use it for public demonstrations or similar!
2) We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this service at all!
3) We can stop this service at anytime regarding misusage, hacking or any other “not” wanted use!
4) You do not get any write access to the database, configurations or similar! Read access incl Profile export is allowed.
5) You can not add a Thin Client, deploy a firmware update or similar thru this service!
6) This service is not related to IGEL Technology in any kind!
7) This service comes as it is without any support!
8) By using this service you agree that the related network traffic incl. the use of this service will be monitored for internal use only.
9) The service will be online until the first of April 2014, depending on the usage data this service will be continued or not.

Start the UMS Console and use the following connection settings:

Universal Management Suite Server:
Port: 443
User Name: ums
Password: live

Required UMS console: IGEL Universal Suite 4.06.100
Access to the UMS internal Webserver on Port 9080 is blocked!


P.S.: This service is hosted by Windows Azure!

Release: IGEL UMS Template 1.0.70

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Hello Folks,

there is a new Version of the IGEL UMS Template available here: Download


– Support for IGEL Zero Firmware 5.02.100
– Support for IGEL Universal Desktop LX V5 (x86) Firmware 5.02.100
– Support for IGEL Universal Desktop OS 2 V5 (x86) Firmware 5.02.100
– Support for IGEL Universal Desktop OS Firmware 4.13.100
– Support for IGEL Universal Desktop LX (x86) Firmware 4.13.100
– Added new Thin Client folder structure for IGEL Zero Clients
– Added default directory rules for IGEL Zero Clients folder structure
– Added Profiles for IGEL Linux V5 and the Shared Workplace Feature to configure a different display resolution
– Added Profile for IGEL Universal Desktop OS V5 to enable advanced Graphics support
– Added Profile for IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS V5 to enable the RDP inverted cursor color setting
– Added Profile for IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS V5 to setup a VNC Viewer session
– Added Profile for IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS V5 to disable the Shadowing “disconnect” button for the User
– Added Profile for IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS V5 to configure multiple WiFi access based on different SSID’s
– Fully removed Universal Desktop CE from the UMS Template (last IGEL Windows CE based product goes end of maintenance on 31.03.2014), Profiles are still available as Import file in the “Template via Import” folder but will not be part of the template anymore.
– Changed “Template via Import” subfolder structure, import is now based on OS Version (Linux, Windows ES or CE).
– Removed old Firmwares
– Profiles Total 470




Solution: Change Thin Client resolution for Shared Workplace Users with IGEL Linux V5.x.x

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Hello Folks,

if you are using the Shared Workplace Feature (assign Profiles to a Domain User and not to a Thin Client) you maybe have noticed a difference between the IGEL Linux V4 and V5.

In the old V4 Linux it was possible to assign a different resolution to a User to provide the User a lower resolution, this could be required if the User has bad eyes and can not work with an high HD resolution. This feature is gone in the new IGEL Linux V5 but still it can be done by a work around.

First of all you require a Shared Workplace License for the device, otherwise it will not work and also the Shared Workplace Feature must be enabled (Profile->Security->Login). To make it simple i’ve added the required UMS Profiles, just download the Archive and import it into the UMS. The pack contains four profiles:

Generate Resolution Scripts = This sprofile needs to be assigned to all Thin Clients that are using the Shared Workplace feature, it will generate three scripts to switch to the 1028×768, 1440×900 and 1680×1050 resolutions. You can modify this if required in the profile and change or add othere resolution scripts.

Set XXXXxXXX User resolution (3x)= These profiles will switch to the specified resolution by executing one of the previous generated scripts, one of these profiles needs to be assigned to the User which requires an other resolution. If the User performs a “Shared Workplace” Logoff the Client will switch back to the default resolution which is assigned to the client by an other profile (for example your “base” configuration).

The handling should be quite simple and maybe IGEL will provide this feature again together with a later released Firmware but until this you now have a working solution again.

Download: SWPResolutionProfiles



P.S.: Check out in advance that your Displays do really support the resolutions you set in this way, otherwise the User will get a black or messy screen… ūüėČ The ZIP attached to this blog contains also the required firmware settings to prevent UMS import issues, you can directly use the ZIP file for the import.


Important: Issue with folder based views in the UMS 4.06.100 and the administrative Task “Delete Thin Clients”

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Hello Folks,

if you are using folder based views together with the Administrative Task “Delete Thin Clients” you should be aware that there is an issue with a folder based view if it points to two or more directories combined with the “or” operator in the view.

As soon you have combined two or more folders with the “or” Operator all Thin Client’s in your environment are “shown in the view”, this is not critical by default but if this view is assigned to the Administrative Task “Delete Thin Clients” it will wipe out all Thin Clients out of the UMS Environment after you have updated the UMS to 4.06.100 and the task is executed.

So if your using the Administrative Task “Delete Thin Clients” have a Eye on this before upgrading to 4.06.100!



P.S.: This issue with the “or” criteria might also have an impact on other views, so please check it if you are use the “Delete Thin Client” Task and disable it before you upgrade to be on the save side.

Tip: UMS 4.05.200 and Active Directory User

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Hi Folks,

if you are using the Igel Universal Management Suite together with Active Directory based User accounts for the Thin Client Administration  you should skip the Update to Version 4.05.200. There seams to be in issue with the User rights handling and there should be a fixed Version available soon.


Tip: Deployment of custom partition content / samples

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Hello Folks,

to prevent issues during the deployment of custom partition content incl. our custom partition samples for the IGEL Linux i’ve written a small guide regarding the most important things to consider.

You will find this guide here: Deployment Guide

I hope this solves the most important issues if you are not familar with the procedure.


Edit: The content from the Website is now also available as PDF Whitepaper and can be found in our Whitepaper area @

Tip: Mousewheel is not working after optimizing a profile from IGEL Linux 3 to IGEL Linux 4

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Hi Folks,

if you are using older IGEL LX based Thin Clients like the Compact 3210 LX (IGEL Linux 3) and you just migrate to new Universal Desktop LX devices you might want to keep your old profiles in the IGEL Universal Management Suite.¬† In general¬†this upgrade (“Profile optimized for” in the UMS Console)¬†works fine but if you have configured a Wheelmouse in the old Profile: You have to configure this again after you “upgraded” the Profile to an Universal Desktop LX firmware.

Thanks to the Lady for sharing this information with us, i did not note it before.


Tip: UMS Console drop’s an error if started thru the web

Friday, November 23rd, 2012


if you’re starting the IGEL UMS Console thru the UMS Webinterface (Default: http://*you’reumsserver*:9080/start_rm.html and after the Login you’re receiving an error message like “Can not load Path’s” or similar, this is mostly related to a wrong Java Runtime Version and you’re required to install a compatible Java Runtime Environment on your PC/Thin Client. Please refer to the IGEL UMS Manuals or release notes which version is currently required, currently this is covered in the Installation part of the manual and the required version is 1.6 with IGEL UMS 4.02.200.


Tested: IGEL Universal Management Suite running on Windows Server 2012 / 8

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Hello Folks,

today i tested the IGEL Universal Management Suite Version 4.02.200 together with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and also Windows 8. I did not test the HA Feature but the general UMS works like a charm for me and i was not able to discover any issues. I¬īve used the embedded database but i will also check out Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP 1 during the next days…

Of course this is without any guarantee but it looks quite good currently…



Tip: IGEL UMS is not able to detect system proxy to fetch firmwareupdates for the Universal Firmware Update feature

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012


sometimes it can happen (UMS Version 4.01.500 or higher) that the UMS Server did not detect the System Proxy for the Universal Firmware Update Feature. If this happens you are not able to download Firmware’s thru the UMS Console from the IGEL download Server and you have to download the Firmware by your own.

To fix this open a DOS console and execute “C:\Program Files\IGEL\RemoteManager\rmguiserver\bin\tomcat5w.exe //ES//IGELRMGUIServer”

Open the JAVA Tab and make sure that the following entry¬†exists in the field “Java Options”:

If this entry¬†exist and it still doesn’t work, remove the entry and add the following Options:



If your Proxyserver require an authentication add also:


This should fix the issue, of course without any warranty and test this first!


IGEL Universal Management Suite for Windows management pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

IGEL Universal Suite management pack for SCOM 2012Version: 1.0.0

Release Date: 24.07.2012

Copyright 2012


This is a non commercial release without any official support by IGEL Technology or

Use on your own risk, the publisher is not responsible for any damage or issue related to the use of this free release.

This Management Pack provides the ability to monitor a IGEL Universal Management Suite Server including the HA feature running on Microsoft Windows based Servers.

Tested with: IGEL Universal Management Suite Server 4.02.100 and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012

How to start

1) Open the Operations Manager 2012 console
2) Expand the Administration tab
3) Click with the right mouse button on Management Packs and select “Import Management Pack”
4) Click on “Add” and select “Add from disk”
5) Select the file “IGEL.Universal.Management.Suite.for.Windows.xml” coming with this archive and select install
6) Close the import dialog, you’re done

The management pack add’s a entry “IGEL Universal Management Suite for Windows” to the Operations Manager Monitoring tab, it provides the ability to monitor different events/task for the System and contains also a subfolder to monitor the IGEL UMS HA feature. You can also start/restart the related services from here. The management pack is preconfigured to detect the IGEL UMS Features without any interaction for all Systems in the Operations Manager console.

The download is available here: and here:


New Version: IGEL Universal Management Suite

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Version contains the same software version as 4.02.100. Changes were made in the installation process only. Customers do NOT need to update to version, if there are no problems starting the UMS Administrator application with version 4.02.100.

Fixed bugs


Р[Windows and linux installer] RMAdmin does not start if there is no internet connection available.

Fix: UMS Admin doesn’t start after a 4.02.100 installation and if no internet connection is available.

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

After installing the new UMS Server 4.02.100 it can happen that the UMS Administrator tool doesn’t start anymore with a Java error message and¬†if no internet connection is available, Linux and also Windows Server can get this behavior.

The fix is quite simple, open the file RMAdmin.config in the rmadmin folder with a text editor; the folder is placed in the UMS installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\IGEL\RemoteManager\rmadmin). Now change the line “addjars ../rmguiserver/common/lib” to “addjars ../rmguiserver/lib” and save the file. Now start the UMS Administrator again and the error is gone.


Tip: IGEL Thin Clients don’t refresh there status in the UMS Console or don’t get a new configuration

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Setup a DHCP Option 224 as string field or a DNS hostname “igelrmserver” which points to the management server. If using the DNS hostname¬†make sure¬†that the name can be resolved…

Make sure that the client-server communication port’s are open, see also

If using Linux based IGEL Thin Clients you can create a terminal session (IGEL Setup->Accessories) and after you start the terminal session¬†use “ping igelrmserver” and “probeport +server name/ip+ 30001” to verify a working UMS connection. If using the DHCP option type in “cat /wfs/dhclient.leases.eth0”, you should now see the options provided by your DHCP incl. “option igelrmserver “+servername/ip+”;. If you can not read the servername/ip you have not used the string type for the DHCP Option 224 and you¬†need to fix this in¬†your DHCP Server configuration.