Tip: IGEL Thin Clients don’t refresh there status in the UMS Console or don’t get a new configuration

Setup a DHCP Option 224 as string field or a DNS hostname “igelrmserver” which points to the management server. If using the DNS hostname make sure that the name can be resolved…

Make sure that the client-server communication port’s are open, see also http://www.papershare.com/app/paper.aspx?id=1617&o=3736

If using Linux based IGEL Thin Clients you can create a terminal session (IGEL Setup->Accessories) and after you start the terminal session use “ping igelrmserver” and “probeport +server name/ip+ 30001” to verify a working UMS connection. If using the DHCP option type in “cat /wfs/dhclient.leases.eth0”, you should now see the options provided by your DHCP incl. “option igelrmserver “+servername/ip+”;. If you can not read the servername/ip you have not used the string type for the DHCP Option 224 and you need to fix this in your DHCP Server configuration.