Solution: Using the IGEL Universal Management Suite on Linux Servers with upstart (for example Ubuntu 14.04)

Hello Folks,

if you are using a new Linux distribution like Ubuntu 14.04 you maybe run into the issue that the Universal Management Suite background service will not start after a reboot.

Reason for this is a new system to start these services coming with newer Distributions and currently (> UMS Version 4.07.110) the IGEL UMS installer for Linux seams to be not able to handle upstart.

The fix for this issue is quite simple… Open a terminal session (command line) and enter the following commands.

cd /etc/init
sudo nano igelRMserver.conf

Now enter the following code lines, in this sample i use the editor nano but you can also use any other editor like vi.

#Start igelRMserver daemon
start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [016]
exec /etc/init.d/igelRMserver start


Important: The code is case sensitive! Save the igelRMserver.conf and reboot the system, the Service should work now and the UMS is available.



P.S.: Maybe IGEL will add this to the installer in the future.. 😉