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1st That sucks! Award Winner: Microsoft for taken over and blocking the DNS Provider no-ip incl. there hostnames

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Hi Folks,

the first That sucks! Award Winner is Microsoft for taken over and blocking the free/paid DNS Provider no-ip incl. all related host (Act of DNS Piracy).


That sucks! Award

That sucks! Award No.1: Microsoft for legal(?) DNS Piracy

Today Microsoft has taken over the free/paid DNS Name Provider no-ip incl. all related hostnames and do not allow access to the related systems. This could be webcam’s to monitor old people or children, private Webservers, Storage Devices or Routers but also company infrastructures if using no-ip as DNS Name Provider for external access. At the current state this means, all private or business User can not work with these no-ip based systems if using a No-IP Hostname.

Reason for Microsoft is the distribution of Malware, read also here; but why do they not get in contact with the provider and are blocking all users? Demonstration of power or just stupid? Iam not sure, but this act is unbelievable and it fit’s more to a facism regime. Iam quite sure there is some illegal content hosted somewhere on Windows Azure Servers or thru OneDrive… Let’s block it and for all Users! How would Microsoft like this idea?


Add-On: Regarding some sources more than 22.000 Domainnames are affected, great job.. Really.. Great job!

Add-On: ..other Sources mentioned now 4 Million affected hosts, for me this is now the biggest shame in IT History! Cybercrime unit at Microsoft.. 🙁 prevent or perform crime?



P.S.: Regarding the fact that some parts of our infrastructure are also affected i have cancelt my Surface 3 order as direct consequence for Microsoft and i hope other affected users will do the same or similar.

Announcing the That sucks! Award

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Hello Folks,

iam happy to announce a new award:

That sucks! Award

That sucks! Award

The award will be given for any IT Product, Service Provider or Vendor that is noticeable for one or more of the following criteria:

– Bad product design
– Incredible software/hardware bugs
– Useless/not working features
– Useless User limitations
– Announcing wrong product specifications
– Providing bad customer/user service incl. product updates
– Fraud

The awarded Vendor will be informed thru email and of course they can use the award logo on the company/product website or marketing material if they want. The award will only given to vendors working “with intent”, means it will not given for a simple bug or that a support hotline is not available and/or can not be reached for a few hours. It must be a bigger issue and of course you can suggest products or vendors, please provide a detailed description “Why” the award should be given.

Any award will come with a detailed and reproducible description why the award has been given and the vendor can also respond with a public statement which will be published thru this blog if allowed from the “honoree”. There will be max. 12 Award’s per year = max. 1 per month, the price giving location is Zuerich, Switzerland.


Have fun!


P.S.: The award has nothing to do with IGEL, reason is the increddible amount of  products related to/for cloud-computing and the IT world which has been released in the last year’s and can not be fully used or where vendors provide a not working solution.