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Tip: Solving audio issues with IGEL Universal Desktop OS (UDC) migrated devices

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Hello Folks,

sometimes if you migrate a Laptop or PC with the IGEL Universal Desktop OS it can happen that audio playback doesn’t work. Very often users assume that the audio device is not supported: this is mostly wrong!

During my last test nearly always the audio device was not set right or better: the wrong device was selected. This can happen if you’re migrating a device with more then one audio output device, as sample the most Laptop’s are coming with a HDMI port and a onboard sound card providing two Audio devices at all. In my test’s nearly always the HDMI Output was selected by the Universal Desktop OS as default and i only need to change this one time in the Sound Mixer/Sound Preference configuration (audio tool in the local taskbar if the taskbar is not hidden thru the configuration) to solve the issue. Just change the Output device/channel to the device you want to use and check the audio output again. That’s it…. 😉