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Succesfull migrated Hardware with the IGEL UDC

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Hello Folks,

i got a report that the HP Compaq dx6100MT Part-Number: PD740ET#ABD can be migrated with the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter incl. Audio, USB, GFX and Network support.

If you know other devices, please send a mail to Thank you!


New UMS Template Version 1.0.10 for IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.01.500 available

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Hello Folks,

i just uploaded a new Version of the UMS Template for the IGEL Universal Management Suite Version 4.01.500.

– Support for IGEL Universal Desktop OS/LX Firmware 4.09.100
– Support for IGEL Universal Desktop ES (W7) Firmware 3.02.100
– Added Profile for IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS to configure client site caching for VMWare View PCOIP
– Added Profile for IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS to enable Fabulatech USB Redirection for Citrix sessions
– Added Profile for IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS to enable Firefox use for the Citrix VDI in a Box Webinterface
– Added Profile for IGEL Universal Desktop ES (W7) to enable the DNS cache
– Removed Profile for IGEL Universal Desktop OS soundmixer configuration, obsolete since 4.08.500
– Removed old firmware Versions
– Profiles Total 378

The download is available here: Mirror:



New Firmware: IGEL Universal Desktop OS / LX 4.09.100

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

IGEL Universal Desktop LX


Version 4.09.100


Supported devices: UD2-xxx LX,UD3-xxx LX,UD5-xxx LX,UD9-xxx LX





 – Citrix ICA Client

 – Citrix Access Gateway Standard Plug-in

 – RDP rdesktop 1.6.0

 – FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop 3.1.2

 – VMware View client 1.4.0-639205

 – Quest vWorkspace Client 7.0

 – Leostream Java Connect

 – Ericom PowerTerm

 – Ericom Webconnect

 – IBM iSeriesAccess 7.1.0-1.0

 – SAP GUI java710rev6

 – Firefox 5.0.1

 – SUN JRE 1.6.0_14

 – Totem Media Player 2.30.2

 – Voip Client Ekiga 3.2.7

 – Thinlinc Client 3.2.0

 – NX Client 3.5.0-7

 – Cisco VPN Client

 – NCP Secure Client (Enterprise) 305_007.i686

 – ThinPrint Client 7.0.38

 – Xorg X11 Server 1.7.6

 – Xorg Xephyr 1.7.6

 – PC/SC Lite 1.8.1

 – MUSCLE CCID Driver 1.4.5

 – Omnikey CCID Driver 3.6.0

 – Omnikey RFID Driver 2.7.2

 – SCM Microsystems CCID Driver 5.0.11

 – Safenet / Aladdin eToken Driver 8.0.5-0

 – A.E.T SafeSign PKCS#11 Library 3.0.1785

 – Gemalto .NET PKCS#11 Library 2.1.0

 – SecMaker NetID PKCS#11 Library

 – RedHat Enterprise SPICE Client 0.8


Known issues:


– [VMware View]

  – If a protocol is preselected and you choose another protocol at the

    VMware View client’s dialog, the connection is not be established.

  – A connection drop is not be detected if RDP is used.


New features:


– [VMware View]

  – Updated VMware View Client to version 1.4.0.

    New features:

    – Client-side caching for PCoIP: The default cache size is 50 MB and can be

      increased up to 300 MB. The cache can not be disabled! If the cache size

      is increased, make sure that you have enough system memory installed.

    – FIPS support for PCoIP. See VMware View documentation for more details.

    – Server certificates are checked now within SSL connections.

    – CA certificates for SSL connections need to be stored in the folder

      /wfs/ca-certs on the thinclient. Common CA certificates are provided by

      our base system.

    Removed features:

    – The keyboard layout and scancode is not configurable anymore, instead

      it is detected automatically now.

– [Fabulatech]

  – Updated FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop to Version 3.1.2

    Now supports ICA and RDP Sessions.

– [ICA]

  – Support for Citrix VDI-in-a-Box connections via Firefox Browser:

    enable registry key “browser_plugin.ica.vdi_fix”.

  – Smart card logon in ICA sessions using local login window:

    the new parameter “Enable smart card logon” at page

    “Sessions->ICA->ICA Global->Local Logon” now controls if smart card logon

    is active.

    The parameter

    “Don’t show Password Protection Window (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) before Logon”

    can now be set independently.

    CAUTION: If you already use smart card logon in ICA sessions using

    local login window, you now have to set “Enable smart card logon”

    at page “Sessions->ICA->ICA Global->Local Logon”.

  – CA certificates for SSL connections must be stored now in the folder


    The old folder /wfs/icacerts is still working, but deprecated.

    Common CA certificates are now provided by our base system.

– [RDP]

  – CA certificates for SSL connections must be stored now in the folder


    The old folder /wfs/rdpcerts is still working, but deprecated.

    Common CA certificates are now provided by our base system.

– [Firefox]

  – Added maximized start to Firefox.

    New registry key:

– [X session]

  – New Xephyr version 1.7.6

– [base system]

  – Integrated Common CA certificates used by ICA, RDP and View sessions.

    Additional certificates for these sessions can be added at /wfs/ca-certs

    on the thinclient.

    Certificates must be in DER or PEM format and file extension must be

    .cer, .crt or .pem.

    CA certificates in /wfs/rdpcerts and /wfs/icacerts are still used, but it is

    now deprecated to use these folders.

    The common CA certificates can be deactivated by disabling the

    registry key “”. In this case,

    only CA certificates in the /wfs/ca-certs, /wfs/icacerts and /wfs/rdpcerts

    folders will be used.

  – Added japanese keyboard layout support.

  – Composite extension of X server can be switched off in setup

    by registry key “x.xserver0.composite”.


Fixed bugs:


– [ICA]

  – Fixed redirection of Philips foot pedals via ICA SpeechMike Control Channel.

  – Fixed audio distortions in ICA sessions.

  – Fixed flash redirection window position in seamless ICA sessions

    with flash redirection enabled.

  – Fixed reconnecting to existing sessions. There are no display problems


  – Fixed display problems after moving seamless window sessions.

  – Citrix XenApp/Program Neighbourhood: start menu is now working with

    ampersands in folder names.

– [XenDesktop]

  – XenDesktop Appliance:

    Fixed flickering issue during VNC shadowing. The confirmation dialog

    for shadowing permission is now displayed too.

– [VMware View]

  – Fixed sound output in Vmware View PCoIP sessions.

– [Network]

  – Added NFS mount options network.nfsmount<N>.nfsvers and

    x.nfs_fontdir<N>.nfsvers to define NFS protocol version.

    Some old servers require a setting of “2”.

  – Fixed wireless regulatory domain configuration with Ralink chipsets.

– [Desktop]

  – Fixed 1920×1200 display resolution with HP monitor ZR2440w and IGEL UD3.

  – Fixed Display Port output for IGEL UD5-x30 for monitors that report a DPCD

    version 1.2.

  – Added configuration for hotplug detection of Display Port monitors at IGEL UD5-x30.

    Hotplug detection is disabled by default and can be enabled with registry key:


– [base system]

  – Fixed Portuguese keyboard layout with enabled deadkeys.

  – Fixed overdrive on unamplified maximal sound volume.

  – Improved (error) messages for logon with IGEL Smartcard, Active Directory

    and Shared Workplace.

  – Fixed name server lookup feature in network tools.

What else you can do with an IGEL Thin Client (German)

Monday, April 23rd, 2012


 here is a nice article in german with information’s what else you can do with an IGEL Thin Client, i like this post. 🙂

The article is in german only.. Sorry for that.


New IGEL Technology download server

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Hello Folks,

maybe you noticed the change in the new IGEL Universal Management Suite for the Universal Firmware Update. Means: IGEL will use a new download server to distribute firmwares, manuals and UMS Versions. The new URL is

Currently i don’t know how long the old will be available or if the ‘old’ URL will be changed to point to the new site. You should be aware about this major change for the future and that a new download server is available now.



Whitepaper: IGEL Universal Management Suite Network Communication updated Version available

Monday, April 16th, 2012


you can find an updated Version of this Whitepaper here:

Major change is the communication for the Universal Firmware Update feature which was changed from FTP to HTTP.



IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.01.500 available

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Since today a new IGEL UMS Version is available at

Important: The download souce for the Universal Firmware Update has been changed from ftp to http!

IGEL Universal Management Suite
Version 4.01.500


The download mechanism of the Universal Firmware Update mechanism has changed
its protocol. Instead of using FTP HTTP is now used as the only protocol
available. The new protocol is much more proxy and firewall friendly. With
Windows installation the system’s proxy settings are now used if configured
(not supported with Linux). The URL used to download firmware files with the
new mechanism is ‘’. Please change your firewall and proxy
settings accordingly.

The linux installers are tested with
– Ubuntu 8.04 (32bit)
– Ubuntu 10.04 (32bit)
– RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (32bit)

For further compatibility information check the Universal Management Suite
Data Sheet at

New features
– [Licensing]: Added license deployment of Shared Workplace licenses.
– [Universal Firmware Update]:
– Changed the the protocol from FTP to HTTP. The new URL is now
– Added removal of firmware files at integrated WebDAV/FTP server, if
Universal Firmware Update is disabled in UMS.
– [Active Directory]: Supported encryption types with Java 6 for Kerberos
– aes128-cts (type 17)
– rc4-hmac (type 23)
– des-cbc-md5 (type 3)
– des-cbc-crc (type 1)
– des3-cbc-sha1 (type 16).
– [Administrative Tasks]:
– Added execution history.
– Added export/delete Event/Message logging job
(moved from UMS Administrator application to administratve tasks).
– [Asset Informations]: Added grouping of monitor data in a separate table.
– [UMS Administrator]: Legacy failover datasource functionality removed

Fixed bugs
– [Database]: Fixed foreignKey-Error FK_TCSETTINGSFORPROFILEINS__0 that
occured in different cases:
– registering TCs
– transfer settings from TC to UMS
– transfer profile settings from UMS to TC
– [Password]: Fixed password issue with IGEL legacy linux thinclients
(3.x series).
IMPORTANT: Firmwares need to be re-registered to solve the problem.
– [Active Directory/LDAP]:
– Fixed usage of special characters in AD groupnames.
– Fixed ‘Member Of’ and ‘Members’ view in the ‘Administrator accounts’
– Fixed LDAP logon failure caused by a wrong search string.
– Fixed search entry point for AD search in Administrative Account import
dialog which did not work.
– [Thinclient Registration]: Fixed registration at UMS without credentials,
if an UMS IP is added to the remote management configuration at the TC.
– [Universal Firmware Update]: Fixed NullPointerException while downloading
a legacy firmware (3.x series).
– [UMS Console]:
– Fixed GUI freeze, if a job is created with job interval
larger than 23 days.
– Removed ‘process shutdown’ button in Administration Tree,
Process Panels



Happy Eastern!

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

I wish you all happy holiday season! This was a very intresting week, Dell acquires Wyse and this blog now have more then 200 Visitors each day. Not bad for a quite new and specialized blog… Thank you all!


UMS Health Agent Version 1.0 Beta2

Monday, April 2nd, 2012


i’ve uploaded a small tool which provides the ability to monitor an IGEL Universal Management Server thru the network. It do not only a small open port check, it creates real “simple” UMS traffic to check if the ports are open.

 IGEL Universal Management Suite Health Agent

You can report issues to, remember it’s a Beta. The download is available here: