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Release: IGEL Universal Desktop W7 and W7+ 3.10.100

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

IGEL Universal Desktop W7
Version 3.10.100
08. June 2015

Supported devices:
UD3-W7, UD5-W7, UD6-W7, UD9-W7, UD9-W7 Touch, UD10-W7, UD10-W7 Touch,
UD3-730 W7, UD3-740 W7, UD5-730 W7, UD5-740 W7, UD9-730 W7, UD9-731 W7


– D-LINK DWA-131 Nano: 1085.7.0815.2009
– D-LINK DWA-131 REVB Nano: 1015.6.0210.2012
– eGalax xTouch:
– FTDI UsbToSerial: 2.02.04
– Gemalto Minidriver for .NET Smart Card: (WES7:
– Intel 945 Express:
– Intel AHCI :
– Intel Centrino WIFI N-1000:
– Intel HD Graphics:
– Intel HD Graphics:
– Intel PCI Communication Controller :
– OmniKey Cardman 3×21:
– Prolific PL-2303 USBtoSerial:
– Qualcom Atheros WIFI:
– Ralink RT309x/2860:
– Ralink WIFI RT357x
– Realtek 8168: 7.61.612.2012
– Realtek HD Audio: 2.63
– Realtek RTL8169 Version: 7.43.321.2011
– RTL8168C: 7.018.0322.2010
– VIA Chrome 9 VX855:
– VIA Chrome9 VX900 for UD10:
– VIA Chrome9 VX900:
– VIA HD Audio VT1708B:
– VIA WIFI VT6656:

– .NET: 3.5 Sp1
– Citrix Receiver: 4.2 (
– Client for RedHat RHEV-D: 3.0-26
– Ekiga VOIP Client: 3.2.6
– Ericom PowerTerm:
– Ericom WebConnect:
– Fabulatech USB for Remote Desktop: 5.0.2
– Internet Explorer: 11
– Leostream Connect Client:
– Microsoft RDP Client : 8.1
– NCP Enterprise Client: 9.30
– NXClient:
– Quest vWorkspace Client: 8.0.3
– Sumatra PDF Reader: 2.1.1
– Sun JAVA RE: 1.8 Update 40
– Thin Print: 8.6
– Tight VNC Server: 2.7.10
– USB Redirection for RedHat RHEV-D: 3.0-26
– VMware Horizon Client Version: 3.1.0 build-2085634
– Windows Media Player: 12

New features:
– Updated Internet Explorer to version 11
In IGEL registry

*** reduced to improve view by, see firmware readme for more information’s ***

– Updated Microsoft RDP client to version 8.1

– Updated Sun Java Runtime to version 1.8 Update 40

– Updated Citrix Receiver to version 4.2.100
On IGEL setup page “Sessions->Citrix->Self-Service Plug-In->Appearance”
(registry key: ica.selfservice.desktopdisplayrootfolder, default: “”)
On IGEL setup page “Sessions->Citrix->Self-Service Plug-In->Desktop integration”
(registry key: sessions.selfservice%.desktop, default: false)
(registry key: sessions.selfservice%.startmenu, default: true)
In IGEL Registry
(registry key: ica.selfservice.enable_selfservice_mode, default: false)
(registry key: ica.selfservice.show_add_store_nss_mode, default: false)

Bug fixes:
– Fixed connection to hidden SSID WIFI
– Fixed that “Userinterface->Desktop->Disable Lock Workstation” shows no effect
On IGEL setup page “Userinterface->Desktop->Administrators”
(registry key: userinterface.desktop.user0.disable_lock_workstation, default: false)
On IGEL setup page “Userinterface->Desktop->Users”
(registry key: userinterface.desktop.user1.disable_lock_workstation, default: false)

– Fixed a bug that rdp autostart session looses focus
In IGEL Registry
(registry key: sessions.autostart_delay, default: 5)
– Fixed that rdp dual view session appears only on one screen

– Fixed that “Add account” window appears while starting ICA session as user

Known Issues:
– Deactivating WIFI devices is not working
– Deactivating Bluetooth devices is not working

– Fabulatech USB for Remote Desktop is currently
not working with Citrix XenDesktop.

– USB Redirection: Devices connected to a USB 3.0 Port will not be redirected.
– USB redirection is currently not working if vWorkspace USB
redirection service is enabled.

Whitepaper: How to create a virtual IGEL Thin Client on Microsoft Hyper-V

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Hello Folks,

very often I’ve been asked how to create a virtual IGEL Thin Client, this was mostly related to Microsoft Hyper-V Server coming with Windows 8.x and soon with Windows 10.

So here is a new Whitepaper available that shows how you have to create and install the VM and how the license from IGEL can be applied. The Whitepaper is available here: How to create an IGEL Universal Desktop OS Test VM on Microsoft Hyper-V