Important: Issue with folder based views in the UMS 4.06.100 and the administrative Task “Delete Thin Clients”

Hello Folks,

if you are using folder based views together with the Administrative Task “Delete Thin Clients” you should be aware that there is an issue with a folder based view if it points to two or more directories combined with the “or” operator in the view.

As soon you have combined two or more folders with the “or” Operator all Thin Client’s in your environment are “shown in the view”, this is not critical by default but if this view is assigned to the Administrative Task “Delete Thin Clients” it will wipe out all Thin Clients out of the UMS Environment after you have updated the UMS to 4.06.100 and the task is executed.

So if your using the Administrative Task “Delete Thin Clients” have a Eye on this before upgrading to 4.06.100!



P.S.: This issue with the “or” criteria might also have an impact on other views, so please check it if you are use the “Delete Thin Client” Task and disable it before you upgrade to be on the save side.