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Easter Special: Preview Screen IGEL Linux 5

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Hello Folks,

at the CeBit 2013 a Preview of IGEL’s upcoming Linux Version 5 was shown…. If you miss this presentation i’ve a small Easter Special for you, a picture of the new GUI (iam sorry about the quality, but this was the best i able to get from the source). My first impression is that the new GUI will look very good and provide a state of the Art Interface for the user.



I will post more details during the next week! Stay tuned!

Cheers and Happy Eastern



Tip: Setting default ICA (Citrix) Audio Device for a IGEL Universal Desktop Linux based OS

Monday, March 25th, 2013


if you’ve connected several Audio Devices to an IGEL Linux based Thin Client, you might want to be able to configure the default Audio Device for your Citrix Session. This will only work for IGEL Firmware with Citrix Receiver 12 or 12.1!

Currently this can’t be done via the IGEL Setup but there is a way how this task can be performed.

First of all: This will only work as long the Client configuration is not touched or modified by the IGEL Universal Management Suite or the local Setup! If you change something here, you have to reboot the Client to setup the configuration again.

Preparing the configuration: Connect all Audio Devices to the Thin Client and open the Sound Mixer Tool (Speaker Symbol in the Taskbar), to open the Tool use the right mouse button and click on the Symbol->Select Audio-Settings

Now select Input and click on Advanced Settings, in the drop down menu “Soundcard” write down the name for the device without the (Alsa mixer) extension. Sample UD5 Internal Soundcard= HDA VIA VT82xx or the 1st USB Headset = USB Headphone Set

After this is done and you got the name for the Audio Device close the Audio Mixer and open the local IGEL Setup or the UMS Profile. Now browse to System->Firmware Customization->Custom Commands->Desktop Commands->Custom Command Desktop final and enter here:

echo “[ClientAudio]” >> /config/ica/wfclient.ini
echo “AudioDevice=HDA VIA VT82xx” >> /config/ica/wfclient.ini

Replace HDA VIA VT82xx with the name of the Audio Device you want to set as default, after this is done you can assign the configuration and reboot the device. Now the default Audio Device is configured until a new Audio Device is connected to the Client, a new device will be automaticly set as default.

For Firmwares with an ICA Client 11 or older change the Audio Device Name to /dev/dsp0 (1st Audio Device) /dev/dsp1 (2nt Audio Device) and so on…. The ICA Client Version 11 and below is using an other Audio System and will not work with the Device Names shown in the Sound Mixer.



New site is online

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013


as mentioned in January the new layout for is online now. I hope you like the new design and there are a lot of more features coming in the next time.




Tip: Fix for network issues after a Windows ES W7 based IGEL Client has joined a domain

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Hello Folks,

yesterday i got a strange issue during a customer Thin Client Setup for Windows ES W7 based IGEL Clients.

The issue: After the ES W7 based Thin Client has joined a Domain the Network did not work at all (Firewall Policy for private Networks). This is not a recurrent issue, it can happen sometimes or not… So really strange to trouble shoot.

Now it looks that we fixed the issue by installing two Microsoft Hotfixes, the issue is also mentioned here:


IGEL UD3 Dual Core Product Videos

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Hello Folks,

IGEL just released two UD3 Product Videos: (English) (German)



First Pictures new UD3 Dual Core device

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Hello Folks,

during a product presentation i got the change to take some Pictures of the new UD3 Dual Core device that was also shown at the CeBit a week ago.

IMAG0176 IMAG0175

The case comes with the same form factor like the current UD3, regarding the performance the UD3 Dual Core seams to provide a little bit more power like the current UD5. The serial port/rs232 port is gone to provide a second DVI Port for dual Monitoring and this allows to connect two digital display to the client without the need of a Y-cable, users requiring a serial port can get this with a add-on connection foot for the client.

Also IGEL has shown a beta firmware of the upcoming 4.12.100 Linux firmware, the firmware looks to support RDP8 (Windows Server 2012 / Windows 8) incl. RemoteFX which is very  unique in the Linux Thin Client world (RDP7 incl. RemoteFX is already supported by the current IGEL LX/OS Firmwares).

At all the device looks very good on the first view, iam still waiting to get a sample for some more tests in my hands incl. the upcoming UD5 dual core. I have only one point to consider, the USB, Network and the PS/2 ports on the back are very close together incl. the two USB 3.0 Ports, this might be hard to handle for users if they want to connect a USB Harddisk or Memory supporting USB 3.0. For example to connect a USB WiFi Device (without extension foot) i was required to use a short USB extension cable because the WiFi device (a big one) did block the other ports also a regular USB Memory (not a ‘very’ small one) did block ports around without the use of an extension cable. But this point is currently the only thing that bother me a little bit and are related to the small form factor.


P.S.: Sorry for the cables around… It was a tech preview…. 😉

Tip: Tabs bar is not hidden in the IGEL Linux Firefox/Webbrowser if starting/configured for a Kiosk mode look and feel

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Hello Folks,

if you’ve configured the Firefox Browser coming with the IGEL LX/OS Operating System to start in Kiosk Mode (no menus available) you maybe have noticed that still the Tabs bar is shown and the user can open an other Website. I’ve currently not found a setting in the regular IGEL Setup GUI but you will found it in the registry.

To hide the tab bar again open the local Setup or the UMS Profile and browse to System->Registry->Sessions->browser*no*->app and enable the setting “tabs_bar_hidden”, after this configuration is applied the tab bar will not be shown anymore.

This is related to the newer Firefox Versions coming with the IGEL Linux and you will not see this issue with older Firmware Versions.



P.S.: There are a lot of more Settings in this part of the registry to configure the browser session a lot more then in the GUI, just check it out.

Update: IGEL Universal Desktop LX 1.05.110 (ARM/SoC/UD2 Multimedia)

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

IGEL Universal Desktop LX
Version 1.05.110
Mar 11 2013

Fixed bugs:

– [base system] Fixed Bug in Bootloader

Version 1.05.100

New features:

– [ICA]:
– Update Citrix Receiver to version
– Added CenterTools DriveLock ICA virtual channel for enhanced control
of USB devices. Enable in IGEL setup on page
“Sessions->ICA->ICA Global->Mapping->Device Support”.

– [Java] Added support to manage certificates

– [Network] Added system wide proxy settings for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and SOCKS

– [CUPS Printing] Added ability to set CUPS printer names with environment
variables. Enable in IGEL setup at
“System->Firmware Customization->Environment Variables->
Enable variable substitution in session”.
E.g. to insert the host name specify “${HOSTNAME}_PRT1”.

Fixed bugs

– [base system] Improved stability of USB Subsystem

Known Issues:

– [IGEL RDP] reconnecting to a Session where RemoteFX is enabled may fail

Solution: Using XenApp 6.5 and Lync 2013 together with the IGEL Linux

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Hi Folks,

it looks that Lync 2013 is arriving in the Enterprises. So what do you need to use it together with your IGEL Linux based Thin Clients?

First of all a Windows 2008 R2 Server running XenApp 6.5, i recommend to run it on the latest patch Level. Setup the XenApp 6.5 policies like mentioned here otherwise you will not be able to use Lync 2013.

Setup also a Lync 2013 Server in your Environment and install the Lync 2013 Client coming with Office 2013 on your XenApp Server(s). Attention: Do not use the Lync Basic Client, it will not work on a Terminal Server (Microsoft and Citrix!). After the Lync 2013 Client Installation is finished make sure to install KB2760512 thru Windows Update or as a direct download. If Lync 2013 Hotfix 2760512 is missing misc issues in the Terminal Server environment can happen if Lync 2013 is used  incl. a full Lync 2013 client crash!

In the IGEL Setup browse to Sessions->ICA->ICA Global->Multimedia and enable Multimedia Redirection and HDX Realtime WebCam Redirection. I did enable also HDX Realtime Media Engine at the client but i did not install the Citrix Optimization pack for Lync 2010  on the Server because Lync 2013 is currently not supported  by this pack (and Lync 2010 is not supported on Terminal Server by Microsoft) but it was also not really required during my tests to improve the result. Also create a XenApp session or connect thru XenApp/PN (Webinterface).

Lync 2013,XenApp 6.5 and IGEL UD LX together

After i done my setup it works without any issues for me, of course you need a good network without high latency’s. I’ve tested this also in customer WAN networks and mostly it performs quite good, but still this depends on the network quality and you should test it also by your own. So you have no written guarentee from my side!

Be also serious if you change the possible resolutions for HDX Realtime in the IGEL Setup, i’ve discovered some issues if playing to much with different resolutions (hostmmtransport.dll crash on XenApp Server). This is not IGEL related, i was able to reproduce it also with a regular Windows based Laptop as i played with several resolutions; so for your first try check this out in a Lab and not in an production Environment!


IGEL Press release for new UD3 and UD5 Series

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Hi folks,

here you can find the press release from IGEL for the new UD3/UD5 Generation coming with a Dual Core CPU’s.

Michael is now updated to a new WP Version

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Hi Folks,

i’ve updated this blog to a newer Version of WordPress to offer more features, also this blog is now complete in english.

Hope you like it!


Whitepaper: Demonstration Laptop for virtualization reference setup

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Hi Folks,

i was asked what type of Laptop Setup do i use for my demonstrations and courses, so i’ve created a small pdf to introduce my solution. Of course there might be better way’s to do it but regarding my tests this is currently the solution providing the highest performance for me. You can download the Whitepaper in the Whitepaper section.


First view: Techspecs for the new UD5 Dual Core

Monday, March 4th, 2013


here are some Details for the upcoming IGEL Universal Desktop UD5 Dual Core device which is currently introduced at the CeBit in Hannover.

Case: Similar to current UD5 Single Core
CPU: Intel Atom D2550 1,86 GHz (Dual Core)
Chipset: NM10
HDD: SATA DOM (Size depending on OS)
RAM: DDR3 S0-DIMM (Size depending on OS)
GFX: 1x Display Port and 1xDVI-I
PS/2 Ports: 1x (Keyboard use)
USB 2.0 Ports: 4x
USB 3.0 Ports: 2x

Currently i don’ve a sample device for the first perfomance and deeper reviews but i hope that the first NFR Samples will be available soon.


New Universal Desktop ES W7 Firmware 3.05.100

Friday, March 1st, 2013

IGEL Universal Desktop W7
Version 3.05.100
27. February 2013
Supported devices: UD3-730 W7, UD5-730 W7, UD9-730 W7, UD9-731 W7

– Realtek RTL8169 Version:7.43.321.2011
– VIA HD Audio VT1708B:
– Prolific PL-2303 USBtoSerial:
– FTDI UsbToSerial: 2.02.04
– OmniKey Cardman 3×21:
– Intel HD Graphics:
– Realtek 8168: 7.61.612.2012
– Gemalto Minidriver for .NET Smart Card:
– VIA WLAN VT6656:
– Intel Centrino WLAN N-1000:
– VIA Chrome 9 VX855:
– D-LINK DWA-131 Nano: 1085.7.0815.2009
– VIA Chrome9 VX900:
– Ralink RT309x/2860:
– Intel 945 Express:
– eGalax xTouch:
– RTL8168C: 7.018.0322.2010
– Realtek HD Audio: 2.63

– .NET: 3.5 Sp1
– Microsoft RDP Client : 8
– Internet Explorer: 8
– Windows Media Player: 12
– Sun JAVA RE: 1.6 Update 18
– Ericom WebConnect:
– Ericom PowerTerm:
– NXClient:
– Quest vWorkspace Client: 7.6
– Ekiga VOIP Client: 3.2.6
– SAP GUI JAVA for Windows: 7.10 R 7
– Tight VNC Server: 2.0.2
– Citrix Receiver: 3.3
– Thin Print: 8.6
– VMWare View Version: 5.2.1 build-937772
– Fabulatech USB for Remote Desktop: 3.1.3
– NCP Enterprise Client: 9.30
– Leostream Connect Client:
– Client for RedHat RHEV-D: 3.0-26
– USB Redirection for RedHat RHEV-D: 3.0-26
– Sumatra PDF Reader: 2.1.1

New features:

– [Software]:
– Updated Microsoft RDP Client to support RDP8.
(language packs are updated to support the new client)
– Updated Cortado Thinprint .Print client to version 8.6.
– Updated VMware View Client to version 5.2.1.
– Updated Sumatra PDF Viewer to version 2.1.1.
– [System]:
– Added Partial Update to support installation to all drives.
– Added Credential Roaming Service to extend certificate
Bug fixes:

– [System]:
– Fixed automatic logoff during connected Xen Desktop Appliance,
if language is not english.
– Fixed Citrix Receiver protocol logging.
Known Issues:

– Fabulatech USB for Remote Desktop is currently
not working with Citrix XenDesktop.