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Info: App is now available in the Windows Store

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Hello Folks,

since today the App is available in the Windows App Store, you can download it for free here: CCI App



No Ads, No in app sales of course.

Have fun!



Video: UMS Appliance 2.7 Demo Video

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Hello Folks,

to give you a short impression of the UMS Appliance i’ve uploaded a Video to youtube, have fun!




Info: UMS Live is now updated to IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.07.100

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Hello Folks,

i just updated the UMS Live Server to 4.07.100 (our public UMS Demonstration platform), also the last version of the UMS Template is now included.




Start the UMS Console and use the following connection settings:

Universal Management Suite Server:
Port: 443
User Name: ums
Password: live

Required UMS console: IGEL Universal Suite 4.07.100
Access to the UMS internal Webserver on Port 9080 is blocked, Firmware Updates are not possible from this server!



Info: Root any Android Device, towel root demonstrates the weakness of Android and the crappy update handling from Vendors

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Hi Folk,

do you have an Android Device and you thing it’s secure? You’re mostly wrong!

By using a Kernel weakness of nearly all current Android devices with a firmware build date before 06/2014 towel root allows to root a lot of these devices. Ok, by default this is not a big issue but what happens if “other” Apps are using this weakness and start to implement “bad” code into your device without your knowledge? Do you get a Update for you Samsung Galaxy S4 or maybe an other device? Mostly not because Android devices are “throw away” devices for the most vendors.. Every year a new device, update “who” cares? Security is not important as long the margin is okay, that’s the truth about nearly all Android device Vendors. ..and in the rare case that your Vendor provide a firmware update but you have to wait that all Mobile Providers in your region have to agree to a Firmware Update incl. for WiFi only devices like tablets: Good Night! (Hello Samsung! ..again.) Why should a mobile provider have an interest to provide you a “secure” device if you could buy a new one.

Just check it out, install the towel root apk file from the project site here: Towel Root Project Site and execute it, now click on “let it rain” and see what happens. What do you think? Will you note it if you run an other app the first time or do you thing the app could be corrupt?

Don’t misunterstood me, but this is a security hole that should not happen and Vendors should be “forced” to provide a fix for issues like this by law and for a minimum of two years after the last device of a series was sold. It also means for me that Android has no place in any business environment until vendors do not change there general update politics. I do like Android but i do not like what all the “cool” Vendors have done with it… Cheap stuff which is already outdated in the second where you buy it. If Apple, RIM or Microsoft will act with there Mobile OS in the same way everyone will be upset but for Android it’s okay? No, it’s not!


Release: UMS Appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V and Oracle Virtual Box Version 2.7

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Hello Folks,

a new Version of the UMS Appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V and Oracle Virtual Box is available for download, Version 2.7 can be downloaded here for free: Download UMS Appliance 2.7



– Updated Ubuntu Subsystem
– Updated IGEL Universal Management Suite to 4.07.100
– Updated UMS Template to 1.0.80







Release: UMS Template Version 1.0.80

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Hello Folks,

there is a new Version of the UMS Template available here:ย Download

Here is a short overview about the changes coming with Version 1.0.80

– Support for IGEL Universal Desktop LX V5 Firmware 5.03.190
– Support for IGEL Universal Desktop LX V4 Firmware 4.13.180
– Removed support for ARM Device Firmwares regarding the lack of differences for the configuration
– Removed support for IGEL Zero Firmwares regarding the lack of differences for the configuration
– Merged Windows ES and W7 Profiles to provide a better overview
– Added Profiles for IGEL Linux V5 to switch between Citrix Receiver Version 12 and 13 (Review Firmware release notes!)
– Added Profile for IGEL Linux V5 to enable Cafe Wireless (Wireless Manager available for the User)
– Added Profile for IGEL Linux V4/V5 to configure the Audio volume
– Added Profile for IGEL Linux V5 to configure the H264 Codec for Citrix Receiver 13
– Added Profile for IGEL Linux V5 to configure the Kerberos implementation for Citrix Receiver 12
– Added Profile for IGEL Linux V5 to disable the NLA Authentication for RDP Sessions (Local Login Window)
– Added Profile for IGEL Linux V5 to disable the Network Tray Icons (LAN and WiFi)
– Added Profile for IGEL Linux V5 to disable/hide the Webcam Information/Tool for the User
– Added Profile for IGEL Linux V4/V5 to configure the “middle” Mouse button behavior in a Citrix Session
– Updated Template via Import Files for LX/OS and W7/ES
– Removed old Firmwares
– Profiles Total 477




Release: IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS 5.03.190

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

IGEL Linux
Version 5.03.190
June 11 2014
Supported devices: UD2-LX, UD3-LX, UD5-LX, UD9-LX, UD10-LX
– Citrix Receiver
– Citrix Receiver
– Citrix HDX Realtime Media Engine 1.4.0-902
– Citrix Access Gateway Standard Plug-in
– IGEL Legacy RDP Client 1.0
– IGEL RDP Client 2.1
– FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop 5.0.0
– VMware View client 2.3.0-1551379
– Quest vWorkspace Client 7.6
– Leostream Java Connect
– Ericom PowerTerm
– Ericom Webconnect
– IBM iSeriesAccess 7.1.0-1.0
– Firefox 17.0.11
– Oracle JRE 1.7.0_55
– Totem Media Player 2.30.2
– Voip Client Ekiga 3.2.7
– Thinlinc Client 3.2.0
– NX Client 3.5.0-7
– Cisco VPN Client
– NCP Secure Client (Enterprise) 3.25-rev15580-i686
– ThinPrint Client 7.0.59
– Xorg X11 Server 1.11.4
– Xorg Xephyr 1.7.6
– PC/SC Lite 1.8.9
– MUSCLE CCID Driver 1.4.13
– Omnikey CCID Driver legacy-3.6.0
– Omnikey RFID Driver legacy-2.7.2
– HID Global Omnikey CCID Driver
– REINER SCT cyberJack Driver 3.99.5final.SP03
– SCM Microsystems CCID Driver 5.0.27
– Safenet / Aladdin eToken Driver 8.1.0-4
– ACS CCID Driver 1.0.5
– A.E.T SafeSign PKCS#11 Library 3.0.3665
– Gemalto IDPrime PKCS#11 Library 1.1.0
– Athena IDProtect PKCS#11 Library 623.07
– SecMaker NetID PKCS#11 Library
– Philips Speech Driver 12.0.9
– Legacy Philips Speech Driver 5.0.10
– Client 0.8.3 for RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Desktops 3
– INTEL Graphics Driver 2.17.0
– ATI Graphics Driver 6.14.99_git20111219
– VIA Graphics Driver
– 2X Client 10.1-1263
– Imprivata OneSign ProveID Embedded
IMPORTANT: This releases integrates two Citrix Receiver versions 12 and 13.
You can only choose to run either of the versions.
The old 12 Citrix Receiver is still available for compatibility reasons and
activated by default. Version 13 of the Citrix Receiver can be activated at
the local setup of the device or through a UMS profile configuration.
Please check in this readme which restrictions apply and how to switch the

Known issues:
[ICA/Citrix Receiver 13]
– Currently Kerberos is not supported, so Kerberos passthrough will not work
with ICA sessions and Citrix XenApp/StoreFront.
Workaround: configure “Passthrough authentication”
– Smartcard authentication is supported for ICA sessions created on the IGEL
device (supported with Citrix servers up to version 6.5). Kerberos
passthrough and Citrix XenApp/StoreFront login are not supported.
– Only the “User name and password” StoreFront authentication method is supported.
– During Citrix XenApp/StoreFront logoff the logoff for running desktop sessions
does not work.
– Com-port redirection is not supported.
– Webcam redirection is not supported with H.264 hardware and software encoding,
still legacy theora encoding is supported.

– Fabulatech USB Redirection is not supported with IGEL Legacy RDP Client 1.0.
Please use IGEL RDP Client 2 – RDP legacy mode can be deactivated at
IGEL Setup -> Sessions -> RDP -> RDP Global -> Options page

[Quest vWorkspace]
– Multimedia Redirection:
Sound redirection is not working with WMV/WMA streams
– USB Redirection does not work reliable
IGEL Linux 5.03.190 (stable build based on 5.03.120)
New features:
– Added VNC secure mode, based on a SSL-encrypted VNC connection. The SSL
connection uses a special certificate located in the directory /wfs/ca-certs.
This feature requires the Universal Management Suite (UMS) to be involved,
to handle the shadowing permissions and double check whether the connection
is allowed or not. In addition the UMS is used to assure a secure credential
exchange between the TC and the UMS console.
IMPORTANT: The UMS must have the version 4.07.100 or higher!
The feature can be enabled in IGEL setup at “System->Shadow->Secure Mode”
(registry key: network.vncserver.secure_mode, default: off)

– Update Java Runtime Environment to version 1.7.0

– Updated Flash Player download URL to version

– Added information about network speed and duplex mode of Thin Client in the
system information pane along with other Thin Client specific properties.

Fixed bugs:
– Fixed HDX Flash Redirection to work with enabled server-side content
fetching (SSCF)

– Fixed local logon window for IGEL RDP Client 2 to customize the Server-URL
within the logon window.
IGEL Linux 5.03.120 (stable build based on 5.03.110)
Fixed bugs:
– Fixed program crash on a UD2 if RemoteFX is enabled.
– Fixed window position if VESA mode is enabled.
IGEL Linux 5.03.110 (stable build based on 5.03.100)
Fixed bugs:
– Fixed hotkeys for switching additional keyboard layouts.

[base system]
– Restricted RPC access: RPC informations are only reported to localhost now.

– Fixed a problem with 802.1X authentication in connection with SCEP.
– Improved dynamic DNS registration with method DNS.

– Fixed a bug that broke WiFi roaming between multiple SSIDs under certain circumstances.

Release: IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.07.100

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

IGEL Universal Management Suite
Version 4.07.100
Release date: 11.06.2014

If the windows installer does not start on Windows Server 2003 hosts,
contace IGEL support to get an UNSIGNED setup executable. This will solve
the issue.

The stand alone VNCViewer application has been removed in version 4.05.220.
Use UMS Console with appropriate user permissions to replace it.

The linux installer is tested with
– Ubuntu 12.04 (32bit)
– RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (32bit)

For further compatibility information check the Universal Management Suite
Data Sheet at
New features

– Recycle Bin in management tree: deleted tree items are moved to the
recycler by default and can be restored if needed
* all object types but searches and SWP elements supported
* thin clients remain unchanged (won’t get new settings) as long as they
are in the bin
* assignments are not processed as long as the assigned object
(profile, firmware update, ..) are in the bin
* jobs in bin are not executed
– Secure VNC shadowing
* shadowing through secure connection (SSL)
* only UMS console can start shadowing session
* external VNC viewers (configured in UMS console) are supported
* every shadowing session is logged in UMS
* enable secure VNC in thin client configuration (System->Shadow
NOTE: UDLX v5.03.190 or higher is required to use this feature
– Quick search available in UMS console toolbar
* search is performed on management tree directly
* considered attributes are
+ all management tree nodes: name, ID
+ thin clients: MAC address, last known IP
– Universal Firmware Update enhancements
* Release notes are stored in UMS console and may be opened after
downloading a firmware
* available firmware update list provides matching hardware names (H820, ..)
for every firmware update
* Universal Firmware Update configuration:
‘Synchronize Firmware Information’ button replaced by automated solution
– New support info feature: collect relevant files (setup.ini, group.ini,
system logs, ..) from a thin client via UMS; menu item is
‘Help->Save TC files for support’
– Console common:
* configuration change mark (blue dot on thin client icon) enhanced:
change mark is displayed in profile assignments to give a hint, which
profile change has not been transferred to the thin client yet.
* performance optimization in tree expand action
– Console profiles:
* profile ID is displayed in profile details
* profile import now consideres description field and ‘overwrite sessions’ flag
– Console thin clients
* additional column in thin client information: Cost Center
– Configuration dialog updated to support latest firmware configurations
– VNC shadowing:
* enhanced hotkey mapping: Ctrl+Alt+[key], Shift+Ctrl+Alt+[key] supported

Fixed bugs

– Database issues
* fixed update problems with Microsoft SQL Server Cluster database
* fixed SQL Syntax error for Oracle database with more than thousand thin clients
(problem with expression count in ‘in’ statement)
– AD / LDAP integration
* fixed problem with LDAP certificates when testing the LDAP connection
(“LDAP: Error code 12 – Unavailable Critical Extension”)
– Console Thin clients
* fixed ‘wake up’ command issue with mutliple network adapters
* fixed tree gaps after scaning new thin clients
* fixed column sorting issue on date columns for thin client directories
– Console Profiles:
* fixed null pointer exception when changing firmware base of all profiles
in a directory
– Console Jobs:
* fixed problems with parent directory directory relation of newly created jobs
– Console files:
* fixed delete ‘File’ issue: if a ‘File’ object is deleted in UMS, the real
file is also deleted from the webdav context
– Console Universal Firmware Update:
* fixed issue with direct assignment of matching firmware updates
– Console directories
* fixed issue when dragging a directory to its own subdirectories
– Licensing
* fixed removing thin client license file from UMS license management

Solution: Why iam using a Nokia Lumia now…

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Hello Folks,

today i discussed this with a few guys and why not write this into an article.

A few reasons why a Nokia Lumia / Windows Phone is the best enterprise phone in my opinion.

1) Updates, Microsoft don’t deal with Software Updates like other Vendors (Samsung with Android as example!). Mobile Providers have to agree, different updates by region? Forget it! If the update is available you will get it and this really is a benefit and the main reason why i kicked out all Android based devices.

2) Worldwide (yes.. worldwide!) offline navigation is included. You are traveling a lot.. Don’t get a Map for the UAE, Brazil or whatever for your Navigation Software or the Vendor ย want to charge you (again). Not an issue with a Windows Phone 8.x, it already comes with a good offline navigation software called Here Maps or HereMaps+ (Windows Phone 8.1) for free incl. “offline” maps for 97 countries.

3) Dual Sim support, all new Nokia Mobiles are coming with a dual sim option by design and for only a few $.. Want to cut roaming cost? Here you go. Like 1) i call it the “Beat Mobile Provider” initiative and like 2) it’s very useful if you travel a lot.

4) Want to use mail? How much exchange connections can your current mail client handle? Want to use googlemail or whatever, just compare it to other mail clients and you will see the difference.

5) Nokia is the master of Mobile Phone device design.. For example if you get a Lumia 630 which is a very fast entry level phone, check out the case. Nobody can deal with plastic cases like Nokia (really), it feels expensive/precise with a perfect grip and well balanced weight and not like a 160โ‚ฌ/US$ Phone. (did i already mentioned that a offline Navigation software is included?) ๐Ÿ™‚

6) The new Universal Apps (Windows 8.1 / Windows Phone 8.1), means if you buy a Universal App you can use it with Windows 8.1 Laptops/Tablets/VM’s or Desktops and also with Windows Phone 8.1.

7) Change the region on the fly.. You want to change the region from the US to Mexico or from Germany to Switzerland? It’s just a setting (like for Windows) and not more, no region lock or useless crap like coming from other Vendors. If you move – Your device can also move and this is how it should be. Want to use cortana which is only available in the US? Change the region and install it..

These are only a few reasons and i don’t get paid for this ๐Ÿ˜‰ …but iam really disappointed how Android or other solutions are used and offered as the biggest “thing” ever but big Vendors are not even able to provide similar updates at the same time for the same device worldwide; what a joke. I really like the alternative and what Microsoft is doing with Nokia at he moment and by this way, i don’t care that Android/IOS has more Games available in the Store.




Tip: Hidden storage application in the Windows Store for Windows Phone 8.x

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Hello Folks,

you want a detailed overview about your Windows Phone Storage? ..or a way to move the maps for your offline Navigation App from internal Storage to SD-Card? Delete the Temp Files?

In the Windows Store is a very useful tool for your Windows Phone but it’s hidden and can not be found thru the Windows Store at your Phone. Just open the the following link to install the App on your Windows Phone.

ย Lumia storage check

This tool is developed and provided by Microsoft Mobile and it’s not a “in App” sale, Ads or similar “worse” App. It’s only a “Beta” Version at the moment but until now i did not discover any issues with this app.




Tip: Nice article how to setup a Nutanix environment with Microsoft Hyper-V

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Hello Folks,

i found a very nice article how to setup a Nutanix environment together with Microsoft Hyper-V here, maybe you will like it too… ๐Ÿ™‚

Nutanix Hyper-V Cluster