UMS4 LIVE Alpha Test

Hello Folks,

for a limited time you can use a free service provided by called UMS4 Live.

What is it? A public available online UMS4, you can use it for tests (GUI handling) or if you’re looking for a configuration or configuration settings. The Alpha Version require to have an installed IGEL UMS4 Console (Version 4.06.100) available, you can use this console to connect to the UMS Live server.


UMS4 LIVE Alpha Test

Please Note:

1) We do not guarantee any availability, performance or anything else, you should not use it for public demonstrations or similar!
2) We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this service at all!
3) We can stop this service at anytime regarding misusage, hacking or any other “not” wanted use!
4) You do not get any write access to the database, configurations or similar! Read access incl Profile export is allowed.
5) You can not add a Thin Client, deploy a firmware update or similar thru this service!
6) This service is not related to IGEL Technology in any kind!
7) This service comes as it is without any support!
8) By using this service you agree that the related network traffic incl. the use of this service will be monitored for internal use only.
9) The service will be online until the first of April 2014, depending on the usage data this service will be continued or not.

Start the UMS Console and use the following connection settings:

Universal Management Suite Server:
Port: 443
User Name: ums
Password: live

Required UMS console: IGEL Universal Suite 4.06.100
Access to the UMS internal Webserver on Port 9080 is blocked!


P.S.: This service is hosted by Windows Azure!