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Whitepaper: IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS lock down in 15 minutes or Pimp my IGEL! Part 2

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Hello Folks,

a new Whitepaper is available to show you how you can lock down a IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS in less then 15 minutes to provide mininum User access and maximum security. The download is available here:


New Firmware: IGEL Universal Desktop ES Version 2.13.10x

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

IGEL Universal Desktop ES
Version 2.13.102
24. Januar 2013
Supported devices: UD3-x30 ES, UD5-x30 ES

– OmniKey Cardman 3×21:
– Realtek RTL8139: 5.398.613.2003
– Realtek RTL8168: 5.782.0114.2011
– Realtek RTL8167: 5.663.1212.2006
– VIA WLAN VT6656:
– RaLink RT73 USB:
– VIA HD Audio VT1708B:
– VIA VX855:
– RaLink RT 2500 USB:
– VIA VX900:
– RaLink RT2500 PCI:
– RaLink RT61 PCI:
– DLink DWA 131: 1084.12.0805.2009
– Intel Centrino WLAN N-1000:
– AMD PCnet Family:
– 3COM 3CR990 Fibre:
– 3COM 3C900B-FL:
– Prolific PL-2303 USBtoSerial:
– FTDI UsbToSerial: 2.02.04
– Realtek HD Audio:

– .NET: 3.5 Sp1
– Ericom PowerTerm:
– Ericom WebConnect:
– Sun JAVA RE: 1.6 Update 18
– VMWare View Version: 5.2.1 build-937772
– Fabulatech USB for Remote Desktop: 3.1.3
– Tight VNC Server: 1.3.10
– Citrix PM Agent: 4.5.124
– SAP GUI JAVA for Windows: 7.10 R 7
– Sumatra PDF Reader: 2.1.1
– Leostream Connect Client:
– NXClient:
– Thin Print: 8.6
– Citrix Receiver: 3.3
– Quest vWorkspace Client: 7.6
– Ekiga VOIP Client: 3.2.6
– MS RDP Client: 7.0
– NCP Enterprise Client: 9.30
– Client for RedHat RHEV-D: 3.0-26
– USB Redirection for RedHat RHEV-D: 3.0-26
– Internet Explorer: 8
– Windows Media Player: 11
New features:

– [Software]:
– Update Cortado Thinprint .Print client to version 8.6.
– Added Sumatra PDF Viewer 2.1.1 as new standard PDF viewer.
– Updated VMware View Client to version 5.2.1
– Updated Quest vWorkspace to version 7.6.
– [System]:
– Added user configuration for taskbar grouping
(IGEL Registry: userinterface.desktop.user%i.taskbargroupsize,
– Added Partial Update to support installation to all drives
– Updated to latest Microsoft updates/hotfixes
– [Driver]:
– Updated Omnikey Cardman driver to version
Bug fixes:

– [System]:
– Fixed configuration of network linktype settings during
snapshot process
(Setup: Network->LAN Interface->Interface 1;
IGEL Registry: network.interfaces.ethernet.device%.linktype).
– Fixed problem with VMware View USB redirection and IGEL
Standard feature set.
– Fixed Fabulatech USB for Remote Desktop to be activated
with IGEL Setup.
– Fixed problem with special characters(e.g. ü, ä, ö) during
Citrix Receiver password input.
– Fixed RDP configuration to set the domain value if no user
is configured.
– Fixed problem with hanging Partial Updates.
– Fixed Citrix Receiver protocol logging.
Known Issues:

– A device connected over WLAN cannot be scanned by UMS if the first
ethernet adapter is disabled in device manager.
– UMS-Agent BOOT commands:
* Get settings from UMS over WLAN fails at boot time
* Re-Registration of client after firmware update over WLAN
fails at boot time
-[FABULATCH]: Fabulatech USB for Remote Desktop is currently
not working with XenDesktop.

Whitepaper: Using GPRS/UMTS Devices together with IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Hello Folks,

a new Whitepaper is available here:

Please note: No Support or guarantee at all, i’ve not tested this with the IGEL UD2 Multimedia ARM device!


One year and some changes coming up….

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Hello Folks,

in a few days this blog will celebrate the 1st year anniversary and it’s time for a few changes and also a small look back.

In the first year we got now more then 110.000 Visitors (unique visits) and i want to thank you for your interest and also the nice feedback provided by users. Now a small view in the future:

1) As add-on to this blog a new english forum is available, you can use this to ask specific questions and also to provide help, suggestions and solutions to other users. The use is free of charge in general! The URL is , it’s currently in beta state and the final look and feel incl. the forum topics might change in the upcoming weeks. You can find a link to the forum also in the right menu.

2) I will add some discret advertising to this page, has no sponsors and to keep it intependent incl. funding a new project which i have in mind + server upgrades: This step needs to be done…

Thank you and i hope that this blog will be helpful for you in the future!

UDC migrated: HP Elitebook 6930p

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Hi (…again) !

i just tested migrated a HP Elitebook 6930p with the IGEL Universal Deskop OS Version 4.11.170 (non public release) and here are the results:

HP Elitebook 6930p  

Ethernet 1000/100/10: Working
WiFi: Working
Touchpad: Synaptics (working with 4.11.170, not working with 4.11.100: if you’ve issues with touchpads ask the IGEL Support for this none official release)
USB Ports: Working
Audio: Working
Webcam: Working
SD Card Reader: Working
Smart Card Reader: Not working
Fingerprint Reader: Not tested
GFX (Intel GM45): Native Driver support is working (requires Advanced License from IGEL) incl. Dual Screen (cloned and extension)


Migrated with UDC: HP Elitebook 8560p

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013


i just tested migrating a HP Elitebook 8560p with the IGEL Universal Deskop OS Version 4.11.170 (non public release) and here are the results:

  HP Elitebook 8560p

Ethernet 1000/100/10: Working
WiFi (Atheros): Working
Touchpad: Synaptics (working with 4.11.170, not working with 4.11.100: if you’ve issues with touchpads ask the IGEL Support for this none official release)
USB Ports: All working incl. the USB 3.0 ports (!)
Audio: Working (Need to be switched from HDMI to Analog Audio, see here:
Webcam: Working
SD Card Reader: Working
Smart Card Reader: Not tested
Fingerprint Reader: Not tested
GFX ( ATI 7400m): Only VESA Mode supported, no dual screen support but no issue regarding the display resolution: 1600×900 did also work with VESA mode during my test.


Video: IGEL company video

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Hello Folks,

there is a nice new company video available from IGEL:

Have Fun


Tip: Wake on LAN/Magic Packet information collection and check list

Monday, January 21st, 2013


very often i’ve been asked related to Wake On LAN and mostly people are not getting it to work. Please note: WoL/Magic Packet’s is a technology created by AMD and not IGEL!

Setting up WoL mostly requires good networking skills and the right infrastructure, so you have to figure this out: There is no “general” tip or configuration at all!

Here are some good 3rd Party information sources: (english) (german) (AMD Tech Specs for Wake on LAN) ( Troubelshooting WoL-Microsoft Technet)

Checklist for WoL:
1) In general make sure that WoL/Magic Packet’s are supported by “ALL” of your network devices like routers and switches.
2) Do not hard power off your devices (power disconnect), by definition WoL will not wake up a device after a hard power off!
3) WoL do not work thru WiFi (WoL is pre-WiFi time), for VM’s and/or devices with an Intel 10GB network card (not supported by Intel)!
4) Play around with the Wake on LAN configuration in the IGEL UMS Administrator or for Universal Desktop LX/OS you can also perform some configuration task thru System->Registry->network.interfaces.ethernet.device0.wol. Attention: Make sure what you’re configuring, otherwise the device will be powered on very often… 😉
5) Make sure the ARP cache/table (for Switches/Routers)  is large enough, typical symptom: Wake on Lan is working for a few hours after the device is (soft-) switched off, then it doesn’t work anymore from one second to an other. Cheap retail switches mostly provide a very limited ARP cache and/or high end switches needs to be configured in the right way to handle this.

Dealing with Wake on Lan is tricky and you should figure out which component’s are creating the issue but in 99,99999% it’s not the (IGEL) end device!


Tip: Windows ES/ES W7 loosing login script mapped user drives if a domain is joined

Monday, January 21st, 2013


if you’re using a Windows based IGEL Client in a Domain it happens that mapped User Drives are lost after a few seconds, to prevent this disable in the IGEL Setup / Profile->System->Registry network.usesmbmountconfig

After this setting is disabled the mapped user drives will be not removed anymore.


Tip: Automatic start/restart for IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS without IGEL UMS or wake on lan

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Hello Folks,

sometimes it’s not possible to use wake on lan or the IGEL Universal Management Suite to start a client in the morning.. So what can you do in a case like this?

There is a nice Linux command called “rtcwake”, the “rtcwake” command can control the BIOS in combination with the real time clock in your device to perform some power management actions here.

For example the command rtcwake -m mem -s 10 will suspend the device for 10 seconds and then the device is back in action, it’s only one sample. To use the command to start the client at a specified time just enter something like rtcwake -m no -l -t $(date +%s -d ‘tomorrow 07:50’)

The mentioned command will configure everything and perform a system restart “tomorrow” at 7:50am, be aware this sample is not able to handle the weekend! Of course you can play around with this command, there is a good description available here:

I’ve tested this with the IGEL UD5 and a Universal Desktop migrated PC but it can be that this will not work on all migrated devices because the hardware needs to support it (ACPI compliant). It will also not work if you disconnect the device from power!

To use this i recommend to setup a cron job (running Monday-Thursday), see also here:

You can also use this by using the IGEL Setup->System->Firmware Customization->Custom Commands->Desktop Commands->Custom Command Desktop Final or as seperate command/script but please be aware: In this case you have to take care for the weekend’s.

Have Fun

P.S.: Use this on your own risk!

Update: IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS Quick Command Reference

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Hello Folks,

a new version of the IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS Quick Command Reference is available here:


Michael IGEL Universal Management Suite Appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V Version 2.1

Monday, January 14th, 2013

UMS Appliance 2.1 thru RDP

Version: 2.1

Release Date: 14.01.2013

Copyright 2013


This is a non commercial release without any official support by IGEL Technology or

Use on your own risk, the publisher is not responsible for any damage or issue related to the use
of this free release.

Requirements for the VM:

If you want to invite me to a beer for my work, just make a donation via

Getting started:
Copy the folder IGEL UMS Appliance 2.0 to your Hyper-V VM folder.
Import the VM via the Hyper-V console and set the Network Card to the Network you want to connect to.
Start the VM, by default the VM will pick up a DHCP address. If you want to use a static IP you can
configure this in the DHCP Server by assigning a IP to the VM’s MAC-ID (see below).
After the vm is startet open the VM console and login to the System with the username igel (credentials
see below. Now you can assign also a static IP (Network setup is on the right in the top menu).
On the desktop you can see two links to open the UMS console or administrator tool.

Note: I’ve setup default directory rules, new clients will directly moved to the device folder. You can
motify this of course depending on your needs.

Tested with:
Windows 8 Hyper-V
Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V
Hyper-V Server 2012

Default User: igel Password: igel
Root User: root Password: igel
IGEL UMS Main User: Administrator Password: igel
IGEL UMS Sub Admin User: igel Password: igel
FTP User: igel Password: igel

Operating System:
Ubuntu 12.04

Hostname: umsappliance
MAC-ID: 00-15-5D-67-3E-08 (Do not change the MAC-ID!)

Installed Services:
IGEL Unversal Management Suite 4.03.200 with enabled automatic registration for thin clients (DHCP or DNS entry required!) incl. UMS Template 1.0.40
Telnet Service
VNC Service
Firewall (Disabled by default)
XDMCP connections enabled (Free Windows XDMCP Client=
RDP connections enabled, the appliance do now accept RDP connections done by any RDP client incl. Microsoft’s MSTSC.exe



– Updated IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.03.200
– Removed old Windows folders from user igel’s home folder
– Moved File Source from root folder to user igel’s home folder (folder: UMS_Files), public name: update
– Fixed display issue with conky system information tool



New IGEL Universal Management Suite Version 4.03.200

Monday, January 14th, 2013

IGEL Universal Management Suite
Version 4.03.200
Release date: 11.01.2013


The linux installers are tested with
– Ubuntu 12.04 (32bit)
– RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (32bit)

For further compatibility information check the Universal Management Suite
Data Sheet at

Fixed bugs

– [AD / LDAP integration]
* Fixed UMS login problems with user principal names (UPN)
* Fixed Shared Workplace login problems with user principal
names (UPN)
– [console: permissions]
* Fixed security dialog problem on shared workplace node: permissions
were not displayed correctly



Warning: Funny chinese IGEL fakes

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013


sometimes it’s funny to see how some company’s try to create a cheap fake. If you are looking for an real UD5 which is a powerfull device and see what chinese vendors have done.. It’s only fun!

Please note: These devices will not come with the IGEL Software, the management, the performance or anything else; only the name is similar to cheat customers!

Fun sample one:
Fun sample two:

Stupid fake to cheat customers….

If someone is stupid enough to get one or more of these devices: Please do not contact me with question’s about this crap! Thank you!

Update: I forgot, the IGEL 564 LX with end of life in 2006; you can get this device used on EBay for less then 30 € but still this old device provide more power and features like the new “fake”.


P.S.: I think it’s a compliment that chinese company’s try to fake IGEL devices…. 🙂

Tip: Backup licenses from the UDC installation dongle

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Hello Folks,

everytime you install the Universal Desktop OS with the IGEL UDC installation dongle the license will be generated from the license smart card and installed into the Universal Desktop OS.

IGEL UDC dongle

During this process the license will be also saved in the folder \licenses, if you now update the installation dongle with a newer installer Version these licenses will be wiped out. The issue here, if the hard disk is broken in your migrated device you need to apply a new license.

The licenses written on the UDC dongle can be also used thru the IGEL Universal Management Suite license administration console, so you can use the UMS to apply an already created license to a device.


P.S.: Universal Desktop OS licenses are not compatible to Universal Desktop ES or LX firmwares!

Microsoft releases Expression for free

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Hi Folks,

it’s not really an IGEL related topic but if you’re looking for a good free GFX Application you can now download Microsoft Expression 4 for free (sold for ~200 US$ in the past). It includes a Web Editor, a Video Application for Web distribution and also an application like Photoshop. The download is available here:

Have fun