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IGEL UDC (Universal Desktop OS) with Asus EeePc 1011PX

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Hello Folks,

today i’ve tested the IGEL UDC solution together with the Asus EeePC 1011PX ( and it works great, i’ve used the IGEL Universal Desktop OS Version 4.08.500 and only the Installation was tricky; the onboard network card is not supported and the IGEL UDC won’t install the Universal Desktop OS. So i need to install the UDC in a virtual computer first, spoof the MAC-ID, deploy the License from the UDC Token thru the IGEL Universal Management Suite and copy then the license file to me EeePC by hand.

Asus Eee PC 1011PX
To get the IGEL License for the device i enabled the onboard WiFi Chip (it works… WPA/WPA2 tested) and then i was able to assign the license via the IGEL Universal Management Suite (i’ve used the official IGEL UDC Token with three advanced Licenses from the Partner NFR Kit on it and i still need to do a trick with an other virtual client with a spoofed Mac-ID (from the WiFi chipset) to finally create a license file for my WiFi Mac-ID). It would be really great if IGEL allows or better recognize the WiFi Card for the UDC Token to create a license too. On the other side, if you know the Mac-ID you can get a ready to use license File from IGEL directly but you can’t deploy it thru the UMS without tricks regarding the fact that the UMS will also always take the onboard network card…. So you need to copy it by hand like i do in this case. Please IGEL: Make this more simple a none technical and well trained person can’t do this without manuals! Good after loosing time for the Mac-ID problem i proceed to the next tests including the results.First i’ve enabled the option to enable the native Graphic Card driver in System->Custom…->Features->Enable native graphic Driver support and it works again incl. Dual Monitor support – cloned and expansion. Great and one funny thing, you can´t select the resolution 1024×600 in the IGEL Setup but if you keep the “Automatic detection” setting it will work in the native 1024×600 resolution. No i’ve tried to use the Audio Card, so i’ve done a Browser Setup incl. the flash player which works out of the box for Audio Playback.To test the internal Webcam i’ve installed the Skype Static Binaries via the IGEL Custom Partition feature and also this works incl. Webcam support; means it should also work with HDX Webcam redirection. When i’ve done a Skype call also the inbuild microphone works fine out of the box.The internal SATA Controller is also recognized by the system and the inbuild SD Reader works fine too.

So if you need a mobile thin client without the need to use the onboard ethernet controller, you really have a cool option here. Of course Asus can change this device and i can’t guarantee that this will work always in the same way (don’t blame me). But it’s worth to check this out if you’ve a requirement like this.



P.S.: For my test i used a USB Memory Stick as target to install the Universal Desktop OS , a lot of people don´t know that they can select a USB Memory too during the UDC Installation and don´t have to wipe the harddisk. It makes it much more simple if you want to test the UDC and you can also prepare a bunch of USB Memory Sticks if you want to allow people to use the OS installed to the hdd or to provide the ability to switch the OS on demand-like on my netbook. 🙂

FW Release: IGEL Universal Desktop WES7 3.02.100

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

New features:
[DRIVER]: Updated VIA VX900 graphics driver (improved display rotation)
[ICA]: Added XEN Desktop Appliance Mode
[VDM]: Added View Appliance Mode
– DNS Cache can be enabled/disabled (default disabled)
– Added keyboard layout support for Dutch/US
– If no destintation filename is set the source filename will be used
[Powerterm]: In Powerterm sessions %h in client device name will be resolved to the current hostname
[Hardware]: Added support for USB scanners

Fixed bugs:
– Fixed inconsistency of terminal server device CALs after fimrware update
– Fixed uptime informations at IGEL Device Information
– Increased network timeout during snapshot download
– Fixed license issues after firmware update if “reset terminal settings” was issued before
[Partial Update]:
– Fixed password to support @ character
– File protocol for the Partial Update will be used if the location path of the partial update filr ends with a final “\”

MAC-ID Collector

Monday, March 19th, 2012


i’ve uploaded a small tool which can be helpfull if you want to collect mac-id’s to deploy the IGEL Universal Desktop converter or just to sniff for mac-id’s in your environment. I didn’t spend much time in it…

The download is here:



P.S.: Just fixed the download link… Sorry… Also i made a small update, it’s now Version 1.01

FW Release: IGEL Universal Desktop WES 2.10.11x

Monday, March 19th, 2012
======================== Fixed bugs: ====================

– [System]: Fixed miss formated international labels in TC-Setup

Video: UMS Basics Webinar (english)

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

As promised, here is the English version of IGEL’s UMS Basics Webinar:

The UMS Basics Webinar shows you the basic functionalities of the IGEL Universal Management Suite and how to work with them.

Deployment Assistant Tool for IGEL Thin CLients Version 1.01 is online now

Friday, March 9th, 2012

I´ve uploaded a small update today, fist implementations for the custom partition feature support in lx are done. The upload is available via or if you are using DATI 1.00 you can use the update check feature to replace the files in your installation folder.

Report issues to


Michael Hoting

First test Windows Server 8 Beta together with IGEL Thin Clients

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Today i got the first time to play around with the IGEL Thin Clients and Windows Server 8 Beta.

I used the common installation from Microsoft and have installed the Remote Desktop Services Role, for my test i’ve used a UD5 Hardware with the Advanced License and Windows 7 Embedded Standard. On the Server AERO and software RemoteFX incl. USB Redirection was enabled. The result was great… Here a small picture with the RDP session in windowed mode (Fullscreen works also fine):

IGEL W7 based thin client with Windows Server 8 RemoteFX session

I’ve also tested a LX based device and iam sorry to say that IGEL needs to get a look on there RemoteFX implementation, it only provides a black screen with and without enabled RemoteFX support. After some troubleshooting i found out that some new RDP implementations are not supported currently and there is currently also no fix at the client or server side to bypass this (i checked nearly every possible setup). Sorry…. But i believe IGEL will do this until the final Windows 8 release…


Michael Hoting

IGEL Firmware release 3.12.300 for older IGEL Thin Clients

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Mainly the version is out to fix a bug in client printer mapping:

======================== Fixed bugs: ====================

– [ICA]: Fixed ICA client printer mapping.

======================== Applications: ==================

– ICA Client 11.118.174016

– RDP Winconnect 6.0.72h

– RDP rdesktop 1.6.0

– PowerTerm WebConnect

– Firefox

– Acrobat Reader 509

– Flash Player 7

– ThinPrint Client

– NX Client 3.4.0-7

– Cisco VPN Client

– X Server 6.8.1

CeBit 2012 News: IGEL introduces ARM based Thin Client

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

At the CeBit 2012 in Hannover IGEL introduces a new Thin Client device using a ARM CPU and it also provides an additional Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for Multimedia Encoding following the Citrix SoC Design which was introduced at the Synergy 2012 in Barcelona.

Based on this technology multimedia content can be displayed much better which improves the end user experience in general compared to other devices in this price/device class, IGEL will support Citrix ICA (HDX / HDX 3D) and Microsoft RDP (RemoteFX) sessions in the first step and other services/sessions should follow if available for the ARM technology.

 Iam sorry to say, there is only one sample device and this one is at the CeBit; if you’re @ the CeBit take the chance and visit the IGEL booth. As soon i got a sample device i will post some more impressions here. Currently i call this device the better zero client.. 🙂



CeBit 2012 News: Up to 8 Screens on a workplace with IGEL’s distributed Display solution

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Hello Folks,

at the CeBit 2012 in Hannover IGEL demonstrates there distributed Display solution to provide up to 8 screens to a workplace. Iam happy to got also a prerelease Version to get a first look on the solution and iam happy to share some information’s with you.

What is the “distributed” Display solution:

1) The solution provides up to 8 Screens for IGEL Universal Desktop LX based devices (only!)

2) You have a master and slaves, all IGEL Thin Clients come with two display ports and this means: 1x UD5 Master provide two screens (1¦2) and a second UD3 Slave provide also two additional screens (3¦4), to get screen (5¦6) and (7¦8) you need to add one or two additional thin clients. The clients will be connected thru a seperate network and there is no need to have keyboard/mice for all devices (of course the Master needs a mouse and a keyboard…)

3) The UD5 Master device needs an additional network card (currently INTEL 82574L) and you need to configure only the master, all administrative task (Firmware Update, Slave switch on, Slave configuration) will be done thru the Master!

4) The device’s require a additional licenses from IGEL for the Master and also the Satellite’s, this solution can not be used with the regular licenses (entry, standard and advanced) out of the box!


– The solution is flexible and a simple way to provide a couple of screen to a workplace

– Regarding that this solutions works thru the network you can seperate displays via long distances (seperate network!! do not mix this with your production network!), for example in showrooms.

– Compared to the price for a 4 port Display Card (~1000 US$ without PC) it looks like a better pricing for a more flexible solution.

– All satellites will be configured thru the master.

– Displays can be arranged in the way you want it, all in one row, like a cross, a square or whatever in a very simple way thru the IGEL Setup.

– Not tested but it should be possible to upgrade existing devices to the distributed display solution via an upgrade license from IGEL (of course you need to add the second network card to the master), this is only a impression from my side and i can’t say if this will be a final product feature!


– additional network cables, for a workplace with 8 screens you need to hide a lot of network cables and power supply’s

– slow boot time (the master will switch on the slave and you have to wait two more time compared to the regular boot time), i recommend to bypass this to a management task to wake up the master client early in the morning.

– Performance can be very different, IGEL provides this solution for a UD5 as Master and for UD2, UD3 or UD5 as slave. Of course the UD2 is a very price aggressive device but from the performance point of view i would not recommend this device; here a UD3 or UD5 is the better way to go and during a PoC you should get two devices as satellite’s for your test. This is also not an HD Multimedia solution.

– Higher requirements to setup the devices, this task can not be done thru a normal office user

The solution looks quite cool but it’s still some development to do and the firmware is still not public available, if you’re intrested to test this solution contact you sales contact.



FW Release: IGEL Universal Desktop WES 2.10.10x

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

IGEL Universal Desktop ES
Version 2.10.101
05. März 2012
Supported devices: UD9-x20 ES, UD9-x30 ES


– OmniKey Cardman 3×21:
– Marvel Yukon NIC:
– VIA WLAN VT6656:
– Prolific PL-2303 USBtoSerial:
– FTDI UsbToSerial: 2.02.04
– Intel 945E:
– RaLink RT73 USB:
– Realtek RTL8136: 5.720.0327.2009
– Realtek HD Audio:
– RaLink RT 2500 USB:
– RaLink RT2860 PCI:
– eGalaxTouch:

– .NET: 3.5 Sp1
– Ericom PowerTerm:
– Ericom WebConnect:
– Sun JAVA RE: 1.6 Update 18
– VMware View Client:
– Tight VNC Server: 1.3.10
– Fabulatech USB for Remote: 2.8
– Citrix PM Agent: 4.5.124
– Adobe Acrobat Reader: 5.0
– SAP GUI JAVA for Windows: 7.10 R 7
– NXClient:
– Thin Print: 7.0
– Citrix Receiver: 3.0
– Quest vWorkspace Client: 7.2
– Ekiga VOIP Client: 3.2.6
– NCP Secure Client: 9.23
– Spice for RHEV: 5.6
– Spice USB Redirection for RHEV: 5.6
– MS RDP Client: 7.0
– Internet Explorer: 8
– Windows Media Player: 11
– Leostream Connect Client:

New features:
– [Powerterm]: In Powerterm sessions %h in client device name will be
resolved to the current hostname
– [VMware View]: Added additional parameters for the VMware View appliance:
– Display connection bar (vmwarevdmapp.enable_shade)
– Connect USB on startup (vmwarevdmapp.connect_usb_on_startup)
– Connect USB on insert  (vmwarevdmapp.connect_usb_on_insert)
– [System]: Latest updates/hotfixes added
– [System]: DNS Cache can be enabled/disabled (default disabled)
– [System]: Added keyboard layout support for Dutch/US
– [System]: If no destintation filename is set at file transfer
the source filename will be used

Bug fixes:
– [ICA]:      Fixed missing domain name at Citrix Online Plugin
login mask while configured through IGEL setup/UMS
– [Partial Update]: Fixed password to support @ character
– [vWorkspace]: Fixed missing SSL certificate
– [System]: Fixed upime informations at IGEL Device Information
– [System]: Fixed inconsistency in TS device CALs after fimrware
– [System]: Increased network timeout during snapshot download
– [System]: Problems with settings if shared workplace
is active fixed
– [System]: Fixed license issues after firmware update in conjunction
with “reset terminal settings”

Known Issues:
– A device connected over WLAN cannot be scanned by UMS if the first
ethernet adapter is disabled in device manager.
– UMS-Agent BOOT commands:
* Get settings from UMS over WLAN fails at boot time
* Re-Registration of client after firmware update over WLAN
fails at boot time

Deployment Assistant Tool for IGEL Thin CLients Version 1.00 is online now

Monday, March 5th, 2012

since today you can download the DATI Tool for free via it includes also a Whitepaper which can be download here

The tool provides an easy way to create partial Updates for Microsoft Windows based IGEL Thin Clients and can be very helpfull in larger client environments.

Please report issues directly to