Archive for the ‘ChromeOS’ Category will discontinue support for current IGEL Hardware and will add Google ChromeOS

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Hi Folks,

rearding the fact that we doesn’t have any current IGEL Hardware like the new UD6 or UD3 we will not provide any information’s or faq’s for these devices in the future and all related hardware whitepaper’s are discontinued. Please do not contact us if you have questions related to these devices because it’s not serious to provide information’s or help without any way to reproduce.

We’re also currently investigating ┬áthe Google ChromeOS to put some attention on this OS. Citrix has announced a partnership with Google and also Clients from VMWare and 2X are available incl. a management solution; so this one could be an intresting cloud client OS for road workers. For us important are the limitations and differences between the ChromeOS clients and the Windows/Linux/MacOSX clients. If you have already some experience with the Chrome OS we will be happy if you share some daily use experience with us incl. how updates are handled thru the different hardware vendor’s (the main gap for Google’s Android OS).