Warning: Funny chinese IGEL fakes


sometimes it’s funny to see how some company’s try to create a cheap fake. If you are looking for an real UD5 which is a powerfull device and see what chinese vendors have done.. It’s only fun!

Please note: These devices will not come with the IGEL Software, the management, the performance or anything else; only the name is similar to cheat customers!

Fun sample one: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/633798734/Stand_alone_multiuser_desktop_computer_IGEL.html
Fun sample two: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/657685563/Newest_multiuser_cloud_terminal_UD5_430.html

Stupid fake to cheat customers….

If someone is stupid enough to get one or more of these devices: Please do not contact me with question’s about this crap! Thank you!

Update: I forgot, the IGEL 564 LX with end of life in 2006; you can get this device used on EBay for less then 30 € but still this old device provide more power and features like the new “fake”.


P.S.: I think it’s a compliment that chinese company’s try to fake IGEL devices…. 🙂