Tip: Automatic start/restart for IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS without IGEL UMS or wake on lan

Hello Folks,

sometimes it’s not possible to use wake on lan or the IGEL Universal Management Suite to start a client in the morning.. So what can you do in a case like this?

There is a nice Linux command called “rtcwake”, the “rtcwake” command can control the BIOS in combination with the real time clock in your device to perform some power management actions here.

For example the command rtcwake -m mem -s 10 will suspend the device for 10 seconds and then the device is back in action, it’s only one sample. To use the command to start the client at a specified time just enter something like rtcwake -m no -l -t $(date +%s -d ‘tomorrow 07:50’)

The mentioned command will configure everything and perform a system restart “tomorrow” at 7:50am, be aware this sample is not able to handle the weekend! Of course you can play around with this command, there is a good description available here: http://www.howtogeek.com/121241/how-to-make-your-linux-pc-wake-from-sleep-automatically/

I’ve tested this with the IGEL UD5 and a Universal Desktop migrated PC but it can be that this will not work on all migrated devices because the hardware needs to support it (ACPI compliant). It will also not work if you disconnect the device from power!

To use this i recommend to setup a cron job (running Monday-Thursday), see also here: https://blog.cloud-client.info/2012/10/03/tip-running-a-scheduled-job-on-an-igel-universal-desktop-lx-os-without-a-management-server/

You can also use this by using the IGEL Setup->System->Firmware Customization->Custom Commands->Desktop Commands->Custom Command Desktop Final or as seperate command/script but please be aware: In this case you have to take care for the weekend’s.

Have Fun

P.S.: Use this on your own risk!