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Warning: Funny chinese IGEL fakes

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013


sometimes it’s funny to see how some company’s try to create a cheap fake. If you are looking for an real UD5 which is a powerfull device and see what chinese vendors have done.. It’s only fun!

Please note: These devices will not come with the IGEL Software, the management, the performance or anything else; only the name is similar to cheat customers!

Fun sample one:
Fun sample two:

Stupid fake to cheat customers….

If someone is stupid enough to get one or more of these devices: Please do not contact me with question’s about this crap! Thank you!

Update: I forgot, the IGEL 564 LX with end of life in 2006; you can get this device used on EBay for less then 30 € but still this old device provide more power and features like the new “fake”.


P.S.: I think it’s a compliment that chinese company’s try to fake IGEL devices…. 🙂

Tip: Backup licenses from the UDC installation dongle

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Hello Folks,

everytime you install the Universal Desktop OS with the IGEL UDC installation dongle the license will be generated from the license smart card and installed into the Universal Desktop OS.

IGEL UDC dongle

During this process the license will be also saved in the folder \licenses, if you now update the installation dongle with a newer installer Version these licenses will be wiped out. The issue here, if the hard disk is broken in your migrated device you need to apply a new license.

The licenses written on the UDC dongle can be also used thru the IGEL Universal Management Suite license administration console, so you can use the UMS to apply an already created license to a device.


P.S.: Universal Desktop OS licenses are not compatible to Universal Desktop ES or LX firmwares!