One year and some changes coming up….

Hello Folks,

in a few days this blog will celebrate the 1st year anniversary and it’s time for a few changes and also a small look back.

In the first year we got now more then 110.000 Visitors (unique visits) and i want to thank you for your interest and also the nice feedback provided by users. Now a small view in the future:

1) As add-on to this blog a new english forum is available, you can use this to ask specific questions and also to provide help, suggestions and solutions to other users. The use is free of charge in general! The URL is , it’s currently in beta state and the final look and feel incl. the forum topics might change in the upcoming weeks. You can find a link to the forum also in the right menu.

2) I will add some discret advertising to this page, has no sponsors and to keep it intependent incl. funding a new project which i have in mind + server upgrades: This step needs to be done…

Thank you and i hope that this blog will be helpful for you in the future!