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Info: Root any Android Device, towel root demonstrates the weakness of Android and the crappy update handling from Vendors

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Hi Folk,

do you have an Android Device and you thing it’s secure? You’re mostly wrong!

By using a Kernel weakness of nearly all current Android devices with a firmware build date before 06/2014 towel root allows to root a lot of these devices. Ok, by default this is not a big issue but what happens if “other” Apps are using this weakness and start to implement “bad” code into your device without your knowledge? Do you get a Update for you Samsung Galaxy S4 or maybe an other device? Mostly not because Android devices are “throw away” devices for the most vendors.. Every year a new device, update “who” cares? Security is not important as long the margin is okay, that’s the truth about nearly all Android device Vendors. ..and in the rare case that your Vendor provide a firmware update but you have to wait that all Mobile Providers in your region have to agree to a Firmware Update incl. for WiFi only devices like tablets: Good Night! (Hello Samsung! ..again.) Why should a mobile provider have an interest to provide you a “secure” device if you could buy a new one.

Just check it out, install the towel root apk file from the project site here: Towel Root Project Site and execute it, now click on “let it rain” and see what happens. What do you think? Will you note it if you run an other app the first time or do you thing the app could be corrupt?

Don’t misunterstood me, but this is a security hole that should not happen and Vendors should be “forced” to provide a fix for issues like this by law and for a minimum of two years after the last device of a series was sold. It also means for me that Android has no place in any business environment until vendors do not change there general update politics. I do like Android but i do not like what all the “cool” Vendors have done with it… Cheap stuff which is already outdated in the second where you buy it. If Apple, RIM or Microsoft will act with there Mobile OS in the same way everyone will be upset but for Android it’s okay? No, it’s not!