Release: IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.07.100

IGEL Universal Management Suite
Version 4.07.100
Release date: 11.06.2014

If the windows installer does not start on Windows Server 2003 hosts,
contace IGEL support to get an UNSIGNED setup executable. This will solve
the issue.

The stand alone VNCViewer application has been removed in version 4.05.220.
Use UMS Console with appropriate user permissions to replace it.

The linux installer is tested with
– Ubuntu 12.04 (32bit)
– RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (32bit)

For further compatibility information check the Universal Management Suite
Data Sheet at
New features

– Recycle Bin in management tree: deleted tree items are moved to the
recycler by default and can be restored if needed
* all object types but searches and SWP elements supported
* thin clients remain unchanged (won’t get new settings) as long as they
are in the bin
* assignments are not processed as long as the assigned object
(profile, firmware update, ..) are in the bin
* jobs in bin are not executed
– Secure VNC shadowing
* shadowing through secure connection (SSL)
* only UMS console can start shadowing session
* external VNC viewers (configured in UMS console) are supported
* every shadowing session is logged in UMS
* enable secure VNC in thin client configuration (System->Shadow
NOTE: UDLX v5.03.190 or higher is required to use this feature
– Quick search available in UMS console toolbar
* search is performed on management tree directly
* considered attributes are
+ all management tree nodes: name, ID
+ thin clients: MAC address, last known IP
– Universal Firmware Update enhancements
* Release notes are stored in UMS console and may be opened after
downloading a firmware
* available firmware update list provides matching hardware names (H820, ..)
for every firmware update
* Universal Firmware Update configuration:
‘Synchronize Firmware Information’ button replaced by automated solution
– New support info feature: collect relevant files (setup.ini, group.ini,
system logs, ..) from a thin client via UMS; menu item is
‘Help->Save TC files for support’
– Console common:
* configuration change mark (blue dot on thin client icon) enhanced:
change mark is displayed in profile assignments to give a hint, which
profile change has not been transferred to the thin client yet.
* performance optimization in tree expand action
– Console profiles:
* profile ID is displayed in profile details
* profile import now consideres description field and ‘overwrite sessions’ flag
– Console thin clients
* additional column in thin client information: Cost Center
– Configuration dialog updated to support latest firmware configurations
– VNC shadowing:
* enhanced hotkey mapping: Ctrl+Alt+[key], Shift+Ctrl+Alt+[key] supported

Fixed bugs

– Database issues
* fixed update problems with Microsoft SQL Server Cluster database
* fixed SQL Syntax error for Oracle database with more than thousand thin clients
(problem with expression count in ‘in’ statement)
– AD / LDAP integration
* fixed problem with LDAP certificates when testing the LDAP connection
(“LDAP: Error code 12 – Unavailable Critical Extension”)
– Console Thin clients
* fixed ‘wake up’ command issue with mutliple network adapters
* fixed tree gaps after scaning new thin clients
* fixed column sorting issue on date columns for thin client directories
– Console Profiles:
* fixed null pointer exception when changing firmware base of all profiles
in a directory
– Console Jobs:
* fixed problems with parent directory directory relation of newly created jobs
– Console files:
* fixed delete ‘File’ issue: if a ‘File’ object is deleted in UMS, the real
file is also deleted from the webdav context
– Console Universal Firmware Update:
* fixed issue with direct assignment of matching firmware updates
– Console directories
* fixed issue when dragging a directory to its own subdirectories
– Licensing
* fixed removing thin client license file from UMS license management