First Pictures new UD3 Dual Core device

Hello Folks,

during a product presentation i got the change to take some Pictures of the new UD3 Dual Core device that was also shown at the CeBit a week ago.

IMAG0176 IMAG0175

The case comes with the same form factor like the current UD3, regarding the performance the UD3 Dual Core seams to provide a little bit more power like the current UD5. The serial port/rs232 port is gone to provide a second DVI Port for dual Monitoring and this allows to connect two digital display to the client without the need of a Y-cable, users requiring a serial port can get this with a add-on connection foot for the client.

Also IGEL has shown a beta firmware of the upcoming 4.12.100 Linux firmware, the firmware looks to support RDP8 (Windows Server 2012 / Windows 8) incl. RemoteFX which is very  unique in the Linux Thin Client world (RDP7 incl. RemoteFX is already supported by the current IGEL LX/OS Firmwares).

At all the device looks very good on the first view, iam still waiting to get a sample for some more tests in my hands incl. the upcoming UD5 dual core. I have only one point to consider, the USB, Network and the PS/2 ports on the back are very close together incl. the two USB 3.0 Ports, this might be hard to handle for users if they want to connect a USB Harddisk or Memory supporting USB 3.0. For example to connect a USB WiFi Device (without extension foot) i was required to use a short USB extension cable because the WiFi device (a big one) did block the other ports also a regular USB Memory (not a ‘very’ small one) did block ports around without the use of an extension cable. But this point is currently the only thing that bother me a little bit and are related to the small form factor.


P.S.: Sorry for the cables around… It was a tech preview…. 😉