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Solution: Using XenApp 6.5 and Lync 2013 together with the IGEL Linux

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Hi Folks,

it looks that Lync 2013 is arriving in the Enterprises. So what do you need to use it together with your IGEL Linux based Thin Clients?

First of all a Windows 2008 R2 Server running XenApp 6.5, i recommend to run it on the latest patch Level. Setup the XenApp 6.5 policies like mentioned here otherwise you will not be able to use Lync 2013.

Setup also a Lync 2013 Server in your Environment and install the Lync 2013 Client coming with Office 2013 on your XenApp Server(s). Attention: Do not use the Lync Basic Client, it will not work on a Terminal Server (Microsoft and Citrix!). After the Lync 2013 Client Installation is finished make sure to install KB2760512 thru Windows Update or as a direct download. If Lync 2013 Hotfix 2760512 is missing misc issues in the Terminal Server environment can happen if Lync 2013 is used  incl. a full Lync 2013 client crash!

In the IGEL Setup browse to Sessions->ICA->ICA Global->Multimedia and enable Multimedia Redirection and HDX Realtime WebCam Redirection. I did enable also HDX Realtime Media Engine at the client but i did not install the Citrix Optimization pack for Lync 2010  on the Server because Lync 2013 is currently not supported  by this pack (and Lync 2010 is not supported on Terminal Server by Microsoft) but it was also not really required during my tests to improve the result. Also create a XenApp session or connect thru XenApp/PN (Webinterface).

Lync 2013,XenApp 6.5 and IGEL UD LX together

After i done my setup it works without any issues for me, of course you need a good network without high latency’s. I’ve tested this also in customer WAN networks and mostly it performs quite good, but still this depends on the network quality and you should test it also by your own. So you have no written guarentee from my side!

Be also serious if you change the possible resolutions for HDX Realtime in the IGEL Setup, i’ve discovered some issues if playing to much with different resolutions (hostmmtransport.dll crash on XenApp Server). This is not IGEL related, i was able to reproduce it also with a regular Windows based Laptop as i played with several resolutions; so for your first try check this out in a Lab and not in an production Environment!