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Tip: Tabs bar is not hidden in the IGEL Linux Firefox/Webbrowser if starting/configured for a Kiosk mode look and feel

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Hello Folks,

if you’ve configured the Firefox Browser coming with the IGEL LX/OS Operating System to start in Kiosk Mode (no menus available) you maybe have noticed that still the Tabs bar is shown and the user can open an other Website. I’ve currently not found a setting in the regular IGEL Setup GUI but you will found it in the registry.

To hide the tab bar again open the local Setup or the UMS Profile and browse to System->Registry->Sessions->browser*no*->app and enable the setting “tabs_bar_hidden”, after this configuration is applied the tab bar will not be shown anymore.

This is related to the newer Firefox Versions coming with the IGEL Linux and you will not see this issue with older Firmware Versions.



P.S.: There are a lot of more Settings in this part of the registry to configure the browser session a lot more then in the GUI, just check it out.