Update: IGEL Universal Desktop LX 1.05.110 (ARM/SoC/UD2 Multimedia)

IGEL Universal Desktop LX
Version 1.05.110
Mar 11 2013

Fixed bugs:

– [base system] Fixed Bug in Bootloader

Version 1.05.100

New features:

– [ICA]:
– Update Citrix Receiver to version
– Added CenterTools DriveLock ICA virtual channel for enhanced control
of USB devices. Enable in IGEL setup on page
“Sessions->ICA->ICA Global->Mapping->Device Support”.

– [Java] Added support to manage certificates

– [Network] Added system wide proxy settings for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and SOCKS

– [CUPS Printing] Added ability to set CUPS printer names with environment
variables. Enable in IGEL setup at
“System->Firmware Customization->Environment Variables->
Enable variable substitution in session”.
E.g. to insert the host name specify “${HOSTNAME}_PRT1”.

Fixed bugs

– [base system] Improved stability of USB Subsystem

Known Issues:

– [IGEL RDP] reconnecting to a Session where RemoteFX is enabled may fail