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View inside the new UD5 Dual Core and UD6 Quad Core IGEL Thin Clients

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Hello Folks,

it’s not far away that IGEL will release the new UD5 (Dual Core-Intel J1800 CPU) and UD6 (Quad Core-Intel J1900 CPU) devices.

Both devices are using the new IGEL H830C Hardware, only the CPU seams to be the difference between the UD5/UD6. Want to get a look inside? Here you go… Click on the picture to enlarge…



As you see the Mini PCI-E Slot is still available. I will post a bigger review and some test results after the promised test device arrived from IGEL, this one is not my device and i don’t get the time to perform a bigger test at moment with the available device.

There will be also an update for our Windows App incl. the new UD5/UD6 Tech Specs in the upcoming days.

Please note: The connection foot for the older UD5 to provide a WiFi/LPT Port is not compatible with the new UD5/UD6, it will not fit under the new case.