View inside the new UD5 Dual Core and UD6 Quad Core IGEL Thin Clients

Hello Folks,

it’s not far away that IGEL will release the new UD5 (Dual Core-Intel J1800 CPU) and UD6 (Quad Core-Intel J1900 CPU) devices.

Both devices are using the new IGEL H830C Hardware, only the CPU seams to be the difference between the UD5/UD6. Want to get a look inside? Here you go… Click on the picture to enlarge…



As you see the Mini PCI-E Slot is still available. I will post a bigger review and some test results after the promised test device arrived from IGEL, this one is not my device and i don’t get the time to perform a bigger test at moment with the available device.

There will be also an update for our Windows App incl. the new UD5/UD6 Tech Specs in the upcoming days.

Please note: The connection foot for the older UD5 to provide a WiFi/LPT Port is not compatible with the new UD5/UD6, it will not fit under the new case.