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Video (Updated): Open the Archos Cesium 80 Tablet

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Hello Folks,

here is a new video that shows how to open the Archos Cesium 80 Windows 8.1 with Bing Tablet based on the Intel Atom Processor Z3735G.

I needed to open the tablet to fix an issue with the Audio Playback (noise during playback but no sound with Realtek I2S/Intel SST Audio Device) thru the speakers (headset did always work), after i tried several drivers (really a lot… ūüôĀ ) the only thing that helped me was to disconnect the battery from the mainboard. Of couse it could also be a driver issue but as written, other driver versions (older and newer) or the default drivers coming with the pre-installed Windows did never fix it for me.¬†¬†Some forum articles recommend to change some BIOS settings to fix the issue but the Archos Cesium 80 BIOS is very limited and don’t offer any relevant configuration.

Maybe the same procedure will fix this “playback via speaker” issue also for other Tablets using the Intel/Realtek combo. There can be found a lot of user descriptions mentioning¬†similar issues with¬†other Tablet’s and Vendor’,s but i can’t guarentee that this solution will also work for these issues.

To watch the video click here.

It’s also sad that a bunch of tablet vendors incl. the chipset producer’s Intel and Realtek do not offer driver downloads incl. recovery images (Tablet Vendors only) related to these products. A Windows x86 or 64-Bit Tablet is not a Android Tablet where the user can not “wipe” a driver, how long will it take until a few vendors will notify this? Take a look on Acer or Asus, these vendors offer recovery ISO’s for there products by default (it’s maybe not easy to recover a UEFI based Tablet for the typical user but a recovery solution is still available at all).

Update: I just want to add that the power supply coming with the device is crap at the moment, as example you will get issues with the touch input if you try to use the tablet during the charge of the battery. So i strongly recommend to use any other power supply or a regular PC to charge the battery.



P.S.: Of course this video comes without any warranty!