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Using Citrix VDI in a Box 5 with IGEL Linux clients (Firmware 4.09.100 or higher)

Saturday, May 19th, 2012


before the firmware release 4.09.100 it was only possible to use Citrix VDI in a Box 5 thru the XenApp configuration in the IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS but not with the Firefox browser. Since the 4.09.100 you can also use the firefox browser but:

You need to enable a setting in the registry for this, it’s only mentioned with a short context in the release notes for the 4.09.100 firmware.

Open the IGEL Setup or the UMS profile and go to System->Registry and enable the setting browser_plugin.ica.vdi_fix.

After this configuration the VDI in a Box Webinterface works like a charm for the users.


Which 3rd party devices can be fully migrated incl. driver support with the IGEL UDC Software to a Thin Client OS

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

This is the official list based on the product sheet and/or the latest release notes.

Please note, WiFi devices are not included regarding the fact that a lot of vendors use different version/modells for there thin clients.
The support by IGEL incl. GFX, Audio, LAN and other static system components like the chipsets. During the installation you will also get a information about the devices support.

Acer Veriton N260G / N281G
Advantech-DLoG MTC 6
DELL Optiplex FX160
Fujitsu Futro S100 / S450 / S500 / S550 / S550-2
HP t5545 / t5565 / t5630w / t5730 / t5735 / t5745
Neoware c50 (DE-*2-GD) / e90 (DC-*2-GD) / e140 (DD-2*-GD)
Samsung TC190 / TC240
Wyse C90LE / C90LEW / R50L

Also these older IGEL devices can be migrated:

IGEL Smart 2110 LX
IGEL Compact 3210 LX
IGEL Winestra 4210 LX
IGEL Premium 5210 LX
IGEL Premium 5310 LX



Improve USB storage write performance

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

To improve the write performance for USB storage devices in general follow these steps:

1) Open the IGEL Setup or your UMS Profile and go to System->Registry
2) Disable devices.autofs.sync_option

Note: This will not work for “true” USB Redirection (View, XenDesktop, RemoteFX, Fabulatech and so on) but it will improve the general performance for RDP, ICA and other drive mappings. Test in advance!