Which 3rd party devices can be fully migrated incl. driver support with the IGEL UDC Software to a Thin Client OS

This is the official list based on the product sheet and/or the latest release notes.

Please note, WiFi devices are not included regarding the fact that a lot of vendors use different version/modells for there thin clients.
The support by IGEL incl. GFX, Audio, LAN and other static system components like the chipsets. During the installation you will also get a information about the devices support.

Acer Veriton N260G / N281G
Advantech-DLoG MTC 6
DELL Optiplex FX160
Fujitsu Futro S100 / S450 / S500 / S550 / S550-2
HP t5545 / t5565 / t5630w / t5730 / t5735 / t5745
Neoware c50 (DE-*2-GD) / e90 (DC-*2-GD) / e140 (DD-2*-GD)
Samsung TC190 / TC240
Wyse C90LE / C90LEW / R50L

Also these older IGEL devices can be migrated:

IGEL Smart 2110 LX
IGEL Compact 3210 LX
IGEL Winestra 4210 LX
IGEL Premium 5210 LX
IGEL Premium 5310 LX