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Tip: Fixing Windows Server 2012 upgrade to Server 2012 R2 Data retrieval issue in Server Manager

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Hello Folks,

very often after an upgrade from Windows Server 2012 to Server 2012 R2 it can happen that you will receive an issue in the Server Manager telling you that you got an Data retrieval Error for one or more upgraded Servers.

This issue has, from my Point of view, nothing to do with User Rights or similar… It’s more related to a bad upgrade Routine (by the way, Windows 8.1 has the same issue after a upgrade but it’s not so annoying like in the Server Manager).

To verify that the fix will work for you open the EventViewer and browse to Administrative Events in Custom Views, if you now get an error pointing to Microsoft-Windows-DxpTaskRingtone/Analytic then you got it….

Open Regedit and search for: Microsoft-Windows-DxpTaskTone/Analytic

Delete all entries that are located in a /WINEVT/Channels path in the registry and related to Microsoft-Windows-DxpTaskTone/Analytic like HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WINEVT\Channels\Microsoft-Windows-DxpTaskRingtone/Analytic  (make sure that it really is Microsoft-Windows-Dxp/Analytic!), you can export the entries before you delete it as backup.

Reboot the System or restart the Eventlog and WMI Service open the Server Manager and verify that the issue is gone now.

If not, check in the EventViewer again… If you got now a message pointing to Microsoft-Windows-Dxp/Analytic proceed like for DxpTaskTone.

Update: This has solved the issue for me after an upgrade in 4 of 5 cases. i the 5th case i was required to reinstall nearly every installed Serverrole… Iam not really sure to recommend a upgrade at all, until now i got 0 (zero) upgrades without any required interactions/issue at all.



P.S.: Do only use this fix if you really got the DxpTaskRingtone message in the EventViewer, the fault can be also  related to other issues and in this case the solution will not help you!!!