IGEL UDC (Universal Desktop OS) with Asus EeePc 1011PX

Hello Folks,

today i’ve tested the IGEL UDC solution together with the Asus EeePC 1011PX (http://www.asus.com/Eee/Eee_PC/Eee_PC_1011PX/) and it works great, i’ve used the IGEL Universal Desktop OS Version 4.08.500 and only the Installation was tricky; the onboard network card is not supported and the IGEL UDC won’t install the Universal Desktop OS. So i need to install the UDC in a virtual computer first, spoof the MAC-ID, deploy the License from the UDC Token thru the IGEL Universal Management Suite and copy then the license file to me EeePC by hand.

Asus Eee PC 1011PX
To get the IGEL License for the device i enabled the onboard WiFi Chip (it works… WPA/WPA2 tested) and then i was able to assign the license via the IGEL Universal Management Suite (i’ve used the official IGEL UDC Token with three advanced Licenses from the Partner NFR Kit on it and i still need to do a trick with an other virtual client with a spoofed Mac-ID (from the WiFi chipset) to finally create a license file for my WiFi Mac-ID). It would be really great if IGEL allows or better recognize the WiFi Card for the UDC Token to create a license too. On the other side, if you know the Mac-ID you can get a ready to use license File from IGEL directly but you can’t deploy it thru the UMS without tricks regarding the fact that the UMS will also always take the onboard network card…. So you need to copy it by hand like i do in this case. Please IGEL: Make this more simple a none technical and well trained person can’t do this without manuals! Good after loosing time for the Mac-ID problem i proceed to the next tests including the results.First i’ve enabled the option to enable the native Graphic Card driver in System->Custom…->Features->Enable native graphic Driver support and it works again incl. Dual Monitor support – cloned and expansion. Great and one funny thing, you can´t select the resolution 1024×600 in the IGEL Setup but if you keep the “Automatic detection” setting it will work in the native 1024×600 resolution. No i’ve tried to use the Audio Card, so i’ve done a Browser Setup incl. the flash player which works out of the box for Audio Playback.To test the internal Webcam i’ve installed the Skype Static Binaries via the IGEL Custom Partition feature and also this works incl. Webcam support; means it should also work with HDX Webcam redirection. When i’ve done a Skype call also the inbuild microphone works fine out of the box.The internal SATA Controller is also recognized by the system and the inbuild SD Reader works fine too.

So if you need a mobile thin client without the need to use the onboard ethernet controller, you really have a cool option here. Of course Asus can change this device and i can’t guarantee that this will work always in the same way (don’t blame me). But it’s worth to check this out if you’ve a requirement like this.



P.S.: For my test i used a USB Memory Stick as target to install the Universal Desktop OS , a lot of people don´t know that they can select a USB Memory too during the UDC Installation and don´t have to wipe the harddisk. It makes it much more simple if you want to test the UDC and you can also prepare a bunch of USB Memory Sticks if you want to allow people to use the OS installed to the hdd or to provide the ability to switch the OS on demand-like on my netbook. 🙂