First test Windows Server 8 Beta together with IGEL Thin Clients

Today i got the first time to play around with the IGEL Thin Clients and Windows Server 8 Beta.

I used the common installation from Microsoft and have installed the Remote Desktop Services Role, for my test i’ve used a UD5 Hardware with the Advanced License and Windows 7 Embedded Standard. On the Server AERO and software RemoteFX incl. USB Redirection was enabled. The result was great… Here a small picture with the RDP session in windowed mode (Fullscreen works also fine):

IGEL W7 based thin client with Windows Server 8 RemoteFX session

I’ve also tested a LX based device and iam sorry to say that IGEL needs to get a look on there RemoteFX implementation, it only provides a black screen with and without enabled RemoteFX support. After some troubleshooting i found out that some new RDP implementations are not supported currently and there is currently also no fix at the client or server side to bypass this (i checked nearly every possible setup). Sorry…. But i believe IGEL will do this until the final Windows 8 release…


Michael Hoting