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Release: IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.07.110

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

IGEL Universal Management Suite
Version 4.07.110
Release date: 11.07.2014

If the windows installer does not start on Windows Server 2003 hosts,
contace IGEL support to get an UNSIGNED setup executable. This will solve
the issue.

The stand alone VNCViewer application has been removed in version 4.05.220.
Use UMS Console with appropriate user permissions to replace it.

The linux installer is tested with
– Ubuntu 12.04 (32bit)
– RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (32bit)

For further compatibility information check the Universal Management Suite
Data Sheet at
UMS 4.07.110 (stable build based on version 4.07.100)
Fixed bugs
– Fixed problem creating thin client directories (occurs in combination with
default directory rules only)
– Fixed firmware update assignment issue: assignments did not take effect
if they were assigned to thin client subdirectories
– Fixed file assignment issue: assignments did not take effect
if they were assigned to thin client subdirectories
– Fixed profile assignment issue: assigned object list showed all profiles,
even if there were only some assigned;
NOTE: this was an UI issue only, it did NOT affect the thin client settings
– Fixed null pointer exception if a firmware update is deleted
– Fixed firmware update deployment issue: firmware update registration
(from zip file) fails if UMS console runs on a windows system and the
UMS server runs on linux

Firmware release: IGEL Universal Desktop W7(+) 3.08.100

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

IGEL Universal Desktop W7
Version 3.08.100
14. July 2014
Supported devices:
UD3-W7, UD5-W7, UD9-W7, UD9-W7 Touch, UD10-W7, UD10-W7 Touch
UD3-730 W7, UD3-740 W7, UD5-730 W7, UD5-740 W7, UD9-730 W7, UD9-731 W7

– Realtek RTL8169 Version: 7.43.321.2011
– VIA HD Audio VT1708B:
– Prolific PL-2303 USBtoSerial:
– FTDI UsbToSerial: 2.02.04
– OmniKey Cardman 3×21:
– Intel HD Graphics:
– Intel PCI Communication Controller:
– Realtek 8168: 7.61.612.2012
– Intel AHCI :
– Gemalto Minidriver for .NET Smart Card: (WES7:
– VIA WLAN VT6656:
– Intel Centrino WLAN N-1000:
– VIA Chrome 9 VX855:
– D-LINK DWA-131 Nano: 1085.7.0815.2009
– D-LINK DWA-131 REVB Nano: 1015.6.0210.2012
– VIA Chrome9 VX900:
– VIA Chrome9 VX900 for TC236:
– Ralink RT309x/2860:
– Ralink WLAN RT357x:
– Intel 945 Express:
– eGalax xTouch:
– RTL8168C: 7.018.0322.2010
– Realtek HD Audio: 2.63
– .NET: 3.5 Sp1
– Microsoft RDP Client : 8
– Internet Explorer: 8
– Windows Media Player: 12
– Sun JAVA RE: 1.7 Update 17
– Ericom WebConnect:
– Ericom PowerTerm:
– NXClient:
– Quest vWorkspace Client: 7.6
– Ekiga VOIP Client: 3.2.6
– SAP GUI JAVA for Windows: 7.10 R 7
– Tight VNC Server: 2.0.2
– Citrix Receiver: 3.4
– Thin Print: 8.6
– VMware Horizon View Client Version: 5.4.0 build-1219906
– Fabulatech USB for Remote Desktop: 3.1.3
– NCP Enterprise Client: 9.30
– Leostream Connect Client:
– Client for RedHat RHEV-D: 3.0-26
– USB Redirection for RedHat RHEV-D: 3.0-26
– Sumatra PDF Reader: 2.1.1
New features:
– Added configuration of system audio master volume
On IGEL setup page “Accessories->Sound Mixer->Sound Mixer Configuration”
(registry key: userinterface.sound.mute, default: false)
(registry key: userinterface.sound.use_igel_setup, default: false)
(registry key: userinterface.sound.volume, default: 50)
– Added Icelandic keyboard support
– Added support for D-LINK DWA-131 REVB Nano
– Updated system OpenSSL library to version 1.0.1g
– Added IGEL desktop backgrounds for 16:10 displays
– Added Internet Explorer security sites configuration.
Possibility of adding website url’s to Internet Explorer Security Zones
On IGEL setup page: “Sessions->Browser Sessions>Security->Sites”
(registry key: sessions->web->websettings->internetzone->enableprotectedmode, default: true)
(registry key: sessions->web->websettings->localintranetzone->enableprotectedmode, default: false)
(registry key: sessions->web->websettings->localintranetzone->localintranetsites% )
(registry key: sessions->web->websettings->trustedzone->enableprotectedmode, default: false)
(registry key: sessions->web->websettings->trustedzone->trustedsites% )
(registry key: sessions->web->websettings->restrictedzone->enableprotectedmode, default: true)
(registry key: sessions->web->websettings->restrictedzone->restrictedsites% )

Bug fixes:
– Fixed bug in IGEL firewall configuration “Do not allow Exceptions”
– Fixed some bugs and tooltips in IGEL setup

Known Issues:
– Xen Desktop Appliance Mode is not working.
– Fabulatech USB for Remote Desktop is currently
not working with Citrix XenDesktop.
– USB Redirection: Devices connected to a USB 3.0 Port will not be redirected.
– USB redirection is currently not working if Quest vWorkspace USB
redirection service is enabled.

IGEL offers W7+ devices

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Hello Folks,

IGEL brings up a a new  device/firmware type called Universal Desktop W7+, the Universal Desktop W7+ is similar to the regular W7 but it comes with an 8GB SSD and not like the regular W7 devices with a 4GB SSD.

Main benefit for the W7+ is the fact that you have much more space available to install applications or drivers to the device, for example to install the Lync 2013 VDI Plug-In from Microsoft.

Import: If you are running a mixed environment (W7 and W7+) you have to handle two seperate firmware’s. The Images are not compatible.

W7+ is available for the current UD3, UD5, UD9 and UD10.