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Tip: Troubleshoot disconnecting ICA Session with Citrix Receiver for Linux

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Hi Folks,

if you have an issue with disconnecting ICA Session coming with the lates Version of the Citrix Receiver try the following steps:

1) Make sure you have no network issue (use the network tool coming with the IGEL Linux)

2) Disable all not needed redirection features in Sessions->ICA->ICA Global like Printer redirection, Serial Port redirection and so on.

3) Very often it seams to be that this issue is related to Flash (last Flash versions are very unstable, try also an older one on client and also server side) or Multimedia redirection, disable this in the ICA Global settings too.

Please report if this fixed the issue for you and what setting helps most.


Michael Hoting

P.S.: If you run in a issue like this, request exact reports what was the last user action before the session drops.

Release: IGEL Universal Desktop LX (ARM/UD2 Multimedia) Version 1.07.220

Monday, March 10th, 2014

IGEL Universal Desktop LX
Version 1.07.220
Feb 17 2014
– Citrix Receiver
– IGEL RDP Client 1.0
– VMware View client 2.0.0-1049726
– Leostream Java Connect
– Firefox 20.0
– Xorg X11 Server 1.10.4
– Xorg Xephyr 1.10.4
– PC/SC Lite 1.8.1
– MUSCLE CCID Driver 1.4.5
Fixed bugs:

– [RDP Rdesktop] : Fixed random server disconnection when audio is enabled

Tip: Fixing Windows Store 0x80240017 Error thru Power Shell

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Hi Folks,

i already written two Blogs about the Windows Store and how you can fix issues there… ┬áIf these solutions doesn’t help you to fix the Windows Store Error 0x80240017 than you should try this one for the following scenario.

If you run into the scenario that you get a 0x80240017 Error during a App Update or new Installation or a installed App is not shown in the Startmenu and you can’t uninstall or re-install the app try the following solution:

1) Open the Powershell with Adminrights (in Windows Search look for Powershell and click with the right mousbutton on it, select “Run as Administrator”
2) Type in “Get-AppxPackage -Name *part of the appname*
3) You should get a result like shown in the Package (sample is for the Remote Desktop App)

appstorepowershell4) Now enter the command remove-appxpackage *PackageFullName for the previous executed GetAppxPackage command (see also screenshot)
5) Open the Windows Store and try to re-install the app again, a reboot is not required.

This solved the issue for me a couple of times…