IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.01.500 available

Since today a new IGEL UMS Version is available at www.myigel.com

Important: The download souce for the Universal Firmware Update has been changed from ftp to http!

IGEL Universal Management Suite
Version 4.01.500


The download mechanism of the Universal Firmware Update mechanism has changed
its protocol. Instead of using FTP HTTP is now used as the only protocol
available. The new protocol is much more proxy and firewall friendly. With
Windows installation the system’s proxy settings are now used if configured
(not supported with Linux). The URL used to download firmware files with the
new mechanism is ‘http://myigel.biz’. Please change your firewall and proxy
settings accordingly.

The linux installers are tested with
– Ubuntu 8.04 (32bit)
– Ubuntu 10.04 (32bit)
– RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (32bit)

For further compatibility information check the Universal Management Suite
Data Sheet at www.igel.com.

New features
– [Licensing]: Added license deployment of Shared Workplace licenses.
– [Universal Firmware Update]:
– Changed the the protocol from FTP to HTTP. The new URL is now
– Added removal of firmware files at integrated WebDAV/FTP server, if
Universal Firmware Update is disabled in UMS.
– [Active Directory]: Supported encryption types with Java 6 for Kerberos
– aes128-cts (type 17)
– rc4-hmac (type 23)
– des-cbc-md5 (type 3)
– des-cbc-crc (type 1)
– des3-cbc-sha1 (type 16).
– [Administrative Tasks]:
– Added execution history.
– Added export/delete Event/Message logging job
(moved from UMS Administrator application to administratve tasks).
– [Asset Informations]: Added grouping of monitor data in a separate table.
– [UMS Administrator]: Legacy failover datasource functionality removed

Fixed bugs
– [Database]: Fixed foreignKey-Error FK_TCSETTINGSFORPROFILEINS__0 that
occured in different cases:
– registering TCs
– transfer settings from TC to UMS
– transfer profile settings from UMS to TC
– [Password]: Fixed password issue with IGEL legacy linux thinclients
(3.x series).
IMPORTANT: Firmwares need to be re-registered to solve the problem.
– [Active Directory/LDAP]:
– Fixed usage of special characters in AD groupnames.
– Fixed ‘Member Of’ and ‘Members’ view in the ‘Administrator accounts’
– Fixed LDAP logon failure caused by a wrong search string.
– Fixed search entry point for AD search in Administrative Account import
dialog which did not work.
– [Thinclient Registration]: Fixed registration at UMS without credentials,
if an UMS IP is added to the remote management configuration at the TC.
– [Universal Firmware Update]: Fixed NullPointerException while downloading
a legacy firmware (3.x series).
– [UMS Console]:
– Fixed GUI freeze, if a job is created with job interval
larger than 23 days.
– Removed ‘process shutdown’ button in Administration Tree,
Process Panels