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Tip: Optimizing Audio quality for RDP connections for IGEL Universal Desktop LX/OS

Friday, September 28th, 2012


this hint is only for RDP connections between a IGEL Universal Desktop LX / OS and a Windows based Remote Desktop Server (for example Windows 2008 R2 SP1, not Remote FX) and if you got a bad audio quality (noisy/cropped). It can be used with different firmware versions, in my case i used the 4.10.100.

Open the IGEL Setup and/or the profile and go to System->Registry->rdp->winconnect->sound-driver and change it to OSS.

Apply the settings and restart the session to the Server, the result should be much better now.



First test Windows Server 8 Beta together with IGEL Thin Clients

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Today i got the first time to play around with the IGEL Thin Clients and Windows Server 8 Beta.

I used the common installation from Microsoft and have installed the Remote Desktop Services Role, for my test i’ve used a UD5 Hardware with the Advanced License and Windows 7 Embedded Standard. On the Server AERO and software RemoteFX incl. USB Redirection was enabled. The result was great… Here a small picture with the RDP session in windowed mode (Fullscreen works also fine):

IGEL W7 based thin client with Windows Server 8 RemoteFX session

I’ve also tested a LX based device and iam sorry to say that IGEL needs to get a look on there RemoteFX implementation, it only provides a black screen with and without enabled RemoteFX support. After some troubleshooting i found out that some new RDP implementations are not supported currently and there is currently also┬áno fix at the client or server side to bypass this (i checked nearly every possible setup). Sorry…. But i believe IGEL will do this until the final Windows 8 release…


Michael Hoting