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Fix jumping Mousepointer for Citrix Receiver (Linux)

Monday, October 1st, 2012


do you have dislocated offices and users reporting a jumping or flickering mouse pointer? From my expierence this is a bandwith/latency issue that should be investigated at all.

To fix or improve this for the Linux Version of the Citrix Receiver in an IGEL Firmware try:

System->Registry and then ica.wfclient.mousetimer=0, ica.wfclient.pointerclicktime=10 and ica.wfclient.pointergrabtime=10. All settings needs to be modified, test this with one device/user first before apply these modification to a bunch of clients.

Windows versions of the Receiver do not show this effect in general, they are just slower in this scenario.



Improve LX/OS performance for ICA sessions

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Hello Folks,

here are some settings that can improve the User experience for ICA sessions, mostly this is important for smaller devices like the old UD2 or UDC migrated old devices.

All settings can be found in system->registry, please test the settings one by one and not all at the same time! Use on your own risk! Test in advance!


x.xserver0.backingstore: activate
x.xserver0.backingstorepolicy: WhenMapped

ICA related:

ica.wfclient.twredundantimageitems (300 or 1000)

ica.wfclient.speedscreenbacompressedcachesize: 1024 or 4096
ica.wfclient.speedscreenbadecompressedcachesize: 4096
ica.wfclient.speedscreenbamaximumcompressionlevel: low
ica.wfclient.speedscreenmmasecondstobuffer: 5

Please note: This might improve the user experience but it don’t have to be, depending on the user scenario/environment!


Fixed: IGEL LX/OS and images are Tinted Blue in Published Photoshop when using XenApp 6 (CTX128332)

Friday, June 8th, 2012

In XenApp 6 environments it can happen that images are tinted blue in a published Photoshop session, for the Windows Citrix Receiver is a fix available which is mentioned here:

To setup this for a Linux based IGEL Thin Client or a UDC converted device open the profile or IGEL Setup and set System->Registry->ICA->wfclient->enableoss to disable. In general tweaks like this can be found in the wfclient area in the IGEL Setup or the profile in the IGEL UMS. If a setting is not available it might be a good idea to contact the IGEL support to provide information’s like this to the IGEL development.