Tip: Fix Windows Server 2012 R2 can’t add RemoteFX GFX Card to a VM

Hi Folks,

Windows Server 2012R2 seams to have an issue with the RemoteFX Graphic Card, if you have an RemoteFX supporting GFX-Card inside of your server (GFX Card is shown in the Hyper-V settings) you might be not able to add this card to a VM with an error “Error appliying RemoteFX 3D Video Adapter changes”.

This is mostly not related to the GFX Card, the VM or whatever… It’s related to an issue in the Hyper-V Management console, in all my cases i was able to fix it thru the powershell.

1) Open the Powershell with Admin rights

2) Make sure the VM where you want to apply the RemoteFX Video Adapter is not running!

3) Enter and execute “Add-VMRemoteFx3dVideoAdapter -VMName *your vm name*” and execute the command (replace *your vm name* with your VM Name shown in the Hyper-V console).

4) That’s it, start the VM now.