Tip: Must have Microsoft Surface add-on’s

Hi Folks,

here are some “must” have add-on’s for the Microsoft Surface RT / Surface Pro Tablet, the none Microsoft component’s shown here are used by my own together with the Surface RT/Pro Tablet’s but i can not guarantee that similar none Microsoft components will work; you have to test this by your own.



1) Type or Touch Cover Keyboard, must have… Touch Cover is good for “smaller” Keyboard work but i do prefer the Type Cover for longer work.



2) Car charger, several Versions for the Surface RT (2A) /Pro (3,6A) are available at EBay starting at 17€ incl. Package.



3) A Bluetooth Mouse



4) A SDXC extension memory card (up to 64GB)


5) A small USB 3.0 Hub for the Surface Pro or a USB 2.0 Hub for the Surface RT



6) A Micro HDMI to VGA converter to connect a projector, available at EBay for less than 20€; look out for an Adapter incl. Audio (see picture). Surface RT only!


7) A Mini Display Port to VGA and HDMI converter, available at EBay for less than 20€, i recommend this one because it offers two connectors in one Adapter. Surface Pro only!

8) Optional: For the Surface Pro a USB 3.0 to Ethernet Adapter, around 20€ at EBay.


9) Optional: A (battery powered) Mini LED Projector like the Philips Pico Pix 2480 which is a really cool add-on for Presentations or Multimedia, starting at 270€ (Swiss prize).