Tip: How to allow RDP and unmanaged ICA connections to XenDesktop 7 Terminal Servers (Windows Server 2008R2/2012)

Hello Folks,

not 100% IGEL related: If you already use XenDesktop 7 you maybe want to allow/use RDP connections or unmanaged ICA connections to a Terminal Server.

In XenApp 6.5 you only need to setup the Citrix “Desktop Access” Policy but for XenDesktop 7 this is not enough and still RDP or unmanaged ICA connections didn’t work.

After you installed the XenDesktop 7 VDA for a Server OS you will get a new “local” User Group “DirectAccess Users”, add your Domain Users or User Groups to this local Group on the Terminal Server.

XenDesktop 7 local DirectAccess Users group.

XenDesktop 7 local DirectAccess Users group.


After this is done, you are able to connect to the Terminal Server as User via RDP or unmanaged ICA.




P.S.: This is useful for the IGEL Linux if you want to setup a direct ICA session for a Desktop Session… 😀