Update: Deployment Assistant Tool for IGEL Thin Clients 1.06

Hello Folks,

here is the final Version 1.06, i fixed some issues and also some new features are available. It’s not recommended to use any of the 1.05 Version anymore, iam sorry that i did not note all issues during testing and thanks for your comments pointing out some “issues” and help fixing it.

– Version 1.06
Important: Please delete the dati.ini after update!
Added Option to configure automatic Update check for DATI during the application starts.
Improved Update Check feature.
ILISE added Linux Library clean up, see in this ReadMe.txt for more information’s.
ILISE “Create .tar.bz2” button will now also create the .inf file in one step, you still have seperate options for archive/.inf files in the ILISE Menu if required.
Fixed issue with the “Show Warnings” Option, the setting was ignored sometimes.
Fixed ILISE issue that protects an automatic generated script to be overwritten by the generator if no MyScript Area exists.
Fixed wrong commandline in the ILISE “write custom session” snipplet
Fixed ILISE issue that a .tar.bz2/.tbz archive was created successfull message shows up but the file wasn’t created.
Added check to verify that all files are added by ILISE to a generated script (Only if the “Dynamic file integration folder based” option is not used)
Fixed ILISE issue if a folder contains one or more subfolders and some files are not identified/added correctly to the script.
Fixed ILISE .tar.bz2 / .tbz switch.

The download is available here: Download