Update: Deployment Assistant Tool for IGEL Thin Clients Version 1.05.2

Hi Folks,

i just uploaded a quick hotfix for the DATI with the following changes, it’s strongly recommended to use the new version. Thanks for your feedback!

– Version 1.05.2 (Quick Release)
Fixed ILISE issue that a .tar.bz2/.tbz archive was created successfull message shows up but the file wasn’t created.
Added check to verify that all files are added by LISE to a generated script (Only if the “Dynamic file integration folder based” option is not used)
Fixed ILISE issue if a folder contains subfolder and folder and some files are not identified/added correctly to the script.
– Version 1.05.1 (Quick Release)
Fixed ILISE .tar.bz2 / .tbz switch

Have a nice weekend!