Release: IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.06.100

IGEL Universal Management Suite
Version 4.06.100
Release date: 20.01.2014

NOTE: If the windows installer does not start on Windows Server 2003 hosts,
contace IGEL support to get an unsigned setup executable. This will solve
the issue.

The linux installer is tested with
– Ubuntu 12.04 (32bit)
– RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (32bit)

For further compatibility information check the Universal Management Suite
Data Sheet at
New features

– UMS Console search
* Improved search history in management tree:
– entries are now user specific
– entries can be edited
– UMS Console views
* Added filtering option “device serial number”.
* Added ‘unlike’ as a valid compare operator.
– UMS Console usability
* Improved Thin client context menu to have less entries in each context
menu level.
* Added multi selection support for right mouse button clicks in
management tree.
– UMS Console performance enhancements
* Improved user logon speed in UMS console.
* Improved configuration dialog start time.
– UMS common
* Added user specific UMS SSL certificate support to replace autgenerated
ones. Availabl at UMS administration tree ‘UMS Network’ node.
* Added Microsoft SQL Server 2012 support.
– Universal Customization Builder usability enhancements
* Added default UCB project path setting.
* Improved useability while working on a project.
– UMS Setup/Update
* Improved UMS update process to automatically consider existing

Fixed bugs

– UMS Server webdav
* Fixed access to permission settings in customer defined webdav folders.
– UMS Console WebStart
* Fixed logon failures of UMS console started by Java WebStart with error
“String index out of range -1”.
* Fixed licenses creation with smart card in a UMS console started by Java
– UMS Console views
* Fixed missing copy/cut support in view content table.
* Fixed editing of existing views.
– UMS Console common
* Fixed deleting folders. Now also the content of the folder is deleted.
* Fixed editing of ‘public holiday’ list to work with every permitted user
– UMS Console administration tree
* Fixed UMS Server statistics display issue.
* Fixed sizing of the initial window size of the UMS Administrator
appliction to fit into display size.
– UMS Console licensing
* Fixed assignment of a addon Multimedia Codec Pack from IGEL token to a
Universal Desktop Linux Thin Client (v5 only).
* Fixed create license from IGEL token with empty error message box.
IMPORTANT: No license got lost, only the process failed!