Tip: XenDesktop 7 and fixing Flash redirection issues on a Windows 7 VM

Hello Folks,

if you’re running XenDesktop 7 together with Windows 7 VM’s you can run into a issue with Flash Redirection that Flash redirection doesn’t work.

Solving this issue is quite simple, it looks that the current Flash Player from Adobe is not compatible to HDX Flash redirection or cause some issues here. Just use an older Version and HDX Flash Redirection works like a charm again.

This has nothing to do with IGEL, it seams to be a general Flash issue in the current Flash Version from Adobe together with HDX Flash.

Update: I doesn’t know why it works for me one time with Windows 8 but in general Flash Redirection and Windows 8 is not supported and recorded as known issue by Citrix. The issue with the latest Flash Player do also has an impact on Windows 7 VM’s and can be solved like described.

Update2: Just if you are not familar with Flash redirection and what components are required, you have to use the Flash Plugin (Flash Player for other Browser) and not the ActiveX Plugin, if only the ActiveX Plugin is installed it will not work in general! You can also access older players from the archive (http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html#main_Archived_versions).