New Tool: XenDesktop Helper

Hi Folks,

i’ve written a small tool that i need for my own but maybe you can also use it…. It’s primary based on the idea that you can not figure out the Client IP, MAC-ID or Hostname in a connected XenDesktop/VDI in a Box session with user rights in a Login script in a simple way, also it can force a user logoff if the Client Hostname or IP do not fit compared with a given variable. The result will be displayed and also written into the registry to use it with other scripts, see also the readme for more informations.



The download is available in the download area, this tool is not directly related to IGEL but of course it can be used in a XenDesktop/VDI in a Box session running on an IGEL Thin Client.

Important: It’s called XenDesktop Helper and not XenApp Helper->Do not use this tool with XenApp!!

Have Fun!