New Universal Management Suite Version 4.04.110

Hello Folks,

a new IGEL Universal Management Suite Version 4.04.110 is available @


IGEL Universal Management Suite

Version 4.04.110

Release date: 13.5.2013


The linux installer is tested with

– Ubuntu 12.04 (32bit)

– RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (32bit)


For further compatibility information check the Universal Management Suite

Data Sheet at


New features

– [server common] Added support of UMS installation for Windows Server 2012.

– [console: profiles]

* Added export of UMS view to .csv file

* Changed naming of profile ‘Optimized for’ to ‘Based on’

– [console: thinclients]

* Added ‘Update on shutdown’ command to each Thin Clients context menu

(perviously available in jobs only)

* Added Thin Cient import optimization: Existing asset informations of a

Thin Client are kept if the corresponding fields are empty in the

import list (only possible during reimport of existing clients)

– [console: files] Added new classifications for file transfer:

* ‘SSL certificate’: imports certificates used for SSL

* ‘Common certificate’: generic usage of this type of certificates

– [console: admin tasks] Changed workflow for single server installations.

The admin task step to select executing server process has been removed from

the wizard.

– [console: confdlg] Added automatic resoution detection available for Thin

Client’s dual view mode configurations (does not apply for Universal

Multi Display (UMD) setup).

– [console common]

* Added multi monitor awareness to UMS console window:

+ console window placement is now possible on any screen

+ subwindows open on same the screen

+ reopens after restart on same screen and last position

* Message area expand behaviour is now configurable in settings dialog

(parameter ‘Open message area automatically on new messages’).


– [AD / LDAP integration] Added Aautomatic reload and refresh of the AD user

details if directory users are selected

(administrative account import dialog).

– [Shared Workplace Feature] Added display of user login history for each

single thin client.

Fixed bugs

– [console: profiles]

* Fixed creation of profiles with all settings activated for Oracle


* Fixed UMS send/set screenlock password in profiles.

– [console common]

* Message area no longer re-opens if window is resized

– [AD / LDAP integration]

* Fixed null pointer exception at login screen if no LDAP group attribute

is set.

* Fixed error while loading details of LDAP users in administrative

account import dialog.

– [Universal Customization Builder]

* Enhanced ‘Deploy File’ action (GUI rework).

* Fixed Partial Update mechanism for handling of files with ‘~’ sign.

* Fixed handling of invalid registry keys (no value name).

– [High Availability Feature] Fixed database deadlock for webdav file

synchronization (HA network only).