Info: What clients can be used with the Windows Server 2012 Work Folder feature?

Hi Folks,

very often asked during workshop’s, what Clients can be used with the Windows Server 2012 Work Folder feature. Currently the following Desktop/Mobile OS’s are supported:

– Windows 8(.x) x86 and 64-Bit and Windows RT: Work Folder support is coming directly with the OS.
– Windows 7 x86 and 64-Bit; Work Folder support needs do be downloaded from here and to be installed.
– Apple Ipad (IOS): Work Folders app for devices is available in the Apple store

Still unsupported:

– Windows Phone 8(.x)
– Android
– Linux
– Webbrowser based access

It’s quite funny (no, not really) to see how Microsoft create good features/products and directly do the best to kill this advantage by not providing a client for several major OS’s in the same or nearly equal way.. Similar to the still existing Remote Desktop Gateway gap for Windows Phone or a missing Lync/RDP Client for Linux. Before talking about cloud as the future of Microsoft it’s maybe helpfull to unterstand that “cloud” means a bunch of end devices and it still seams that Microsoft did not realize this small but important fact. ..don’t misunterstand me, i really like these features/products but i really don’t like to explain customers/users all the time why they can’t use these features in there infrastructure regarding the lack of a well developed client infrastructure. Maybe it will be better with Windows Server vNext… …or Skype for Business. 🙂 Maybe iam also to spoilt by the existing Citrix client environment… 🙂 🙂