Citrix Tool Highlight: Pimp my Storefront – Introducing the StoreFront Web Configuration GUI

Hi Folks,

i just want to introduce you a small and mostly unknown tool to configure your Storefront Servers a little bit more than with the regular StoreFront Console.

First of all you can download the tool for free from here: Citrix StoreFront Web GUI Assistant

Download the archive and extract the .exe file to your Citrix StoreFront Server(s), the tool do require local Administrator permissions so make sure the User has full access to the system. Now execute the tool to get the console, if the tool is executed at your StoreFront Server you will the “Running on Storefront” in the upper left corner.


Now you need to open the web.config file for the Web GUI you want to edit, in my sample the file is located in the folder C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\DEMOWeb. Please note: Only Web related web.config files can be edited with this tool!

SFCG2After you have opened the web.config file you can now edit and save the file thru the tool, i do also strongly recommend to make a backup before you overwrite an existing/production web.config file.

There are a bunch of useful configurations available, just a few samples (click on a picture to enlarge):




Of course you can also edit the web.config files in a manual way but this is only recommended for User with some experience, it’s also a good way to create documentation screenshots and to gain easy access to these configuration. Of course you can now ask.. Why are these settings not available in the regular StoreFront Management? This is a very good question! But at all this is a good (and mostly unknown) configuration tool for Administrators to maintain/configure new or existing StoreFront installations in an easy way.