Tip: Fixing Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 8 Pro Workfolder sync errors 0x80072ee2 and 0x80c80203

Hi Folks,

you are using the Workfolder feature with Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 8 Pro incl. Enterprise? For a few devices the download sync works fine but uploading files result in the error 0x80072ee2 or 0x80c80203? (Error codes can be reviewed in the Eventlogs->App and Service Logs->Microsoft->Windows->Workfolder).

These errors can happen if you are using the Hyper-V Role coming with Windows 8.x Pro and Enterprise, a virtual Switch is assigned to the WiFi Card and you are using the WiFi connection for the Workfolder sync. To fix it just remove the Virtual Switch thru the Hyper-V console and retry the sync, it should work now.

You can also receive other errors.. Like unstable Remote Desktop connections as example.



P.S.: Other reasons for a failed sync could also be possible, but this is currently the main reason that i found. Connections thru a Hyper-V Virtual Switch assigned to a regular ethernet card could not be reproduced during my tests.