Why the Cisco VPN client is gone in the IGEL LX firmware…

Hi Folks,

you wonder why the Cisco VPN Client is gone in the IGEL Firmware? The information in the firmware release notes is more than moderate…

Seems to be simple.. First of all the Cisco VPN Client is very old.. ..i mean very old (see here: Cisco VPN Release Notes), so it’s outdated now.

Cisco has an alternative called Anyconnect but it seems that Cisco don’t want to provide all Thin Client Vendors the right for distribution. Ok.. They are alternatives, maybe Cisco want to loose some marketshare but who knows. I got already the first Company/Customer moving away from Cisco (incl. PBX). Sad but if you are looking for a VPN solution you might should try NCP or Citrix Netscaler (last one is available as a free Express Edition for your test or personal/company use with a 1MB/s bandwidth limit).

If you are a lost Cisco VPN customer you should also contact the IGEL Technology support to discuss the missing VPN Client feature and possible solutions.